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Game On: BOE Reviews Guidelines for Sports

By Staff | Jun 10, 2020

The Tyler County Board of Education met on June 1 with all members present. Following the approval of the previous minutes, Superintendent Highley reported he had invited Tina Rush, a representative from MPLX, to be present for the meeting, but due to an emergency she was unable to be there. Highley said he would be presenting her with a plaque as a thanks for the work MPLX had done to the Tyler Consolidated parking lots.

Highley then moved on to discuss the SSAC guidelines to reintroduce sports following the pandemic. “Pretty much what it is through the first two phases is just conditioning and limiting the amount of people,” Highley said. It also includes not sharing water bottles and disinfecting equipment. This plan, according to Highley, also includes the reintroduction to band with the same guidelines.

Highley then reported the Tyler County Reentry Meeting is scheduled for June 10.

According to Highley, the state will provide guidelines to follow, however, it will be up to the county to decide how to reenter.

“They’re telling us we need to have three plans. Plan A is we go back to school normally and everything’s great. Plan B is some kind of hybrid between virtual and regular class settings. Plan C is all virtual,” Highley said. “Our biggest issue is going to be transportation of kids.”

Highley gave an update on the projects going on throughout the schools. He said they have put new lockers in the middle school locker room.

At the new Bus Garage site, the topsoil has been removed. According to Highley, the Stadium project is still going as scheduled.

He reported they are currently working on lighting and laying plastic and gravel.

Following this, the Board approved budget revision requests and Jeff Davis presented the annual audited financial statement for 2019.

The Board approved the following resignations: Cathy Boggs as Evening Events Coordinator at TCMS/HS, Cathy Boggs as Assistant Girls Basketball Coach at TCMS, Ashley Moore as TSA Advisor at TCMS, and Logann Kehrer as School Day Plus Coordinator at AIB.

The Board also approved the following employments: Jim Drain as Bus Operator/Custodian, Slade Buchanan as Assistant Girls Basketball Coach at TCHS, Abby Cecil as Library Media Specialist at AIB and SES, and Curt Tallman as Head Boys Basketball Coach at TCMS.

When taking requests for the next meeting, a member asked about the updates that are planned to take place at the concession stand beside the football and baseball field.

Highley reported that Mrs. Kimble has provided a list of things that need updating.

The meeting then entered into an executive session for the purpose of the Annual Evaluation of the Superintendent. Following this, the meeting was adjourned.