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In Defense of Freedom

By Staff | Jun 3, 2020

As once stated by General Pericles, “Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it,” which emphasizes the defense we hold ourselves to protect our individual freedoms. Many can interpret that the phrase, “In defense of freedom,” is related to our renowned military who sacrifice their lives towards our freedoms. Others can assume it relates to the Founding Fathers who declared separation and freedoms with our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. No matter which way you decide what the phrase means, it will always have a specific assumption towards our hardworking country and military who fight for our freedoms.

Our military and veterans have fought for many decades to defend our country, and most importantly our freedoms we desire to express each day. Moreover, back in the day newspapers contained headlines that praised our military for their rigorous bravery and showing no fear to protect those freedoms. While we have been defending our freedoms since the colonial era, there have been a multitude of soldiers who have sacrificed their own lives for our country. Freedoms tend to be presented by an internal belief or external occurrence, which either way is defended by our choices and/or constitutional documentations. Since the beginning of time, those freedoms have granted us with an outstanding country who defends their rights for their people within it.

As we continue to defend our freedoms, we will never forget those who sacrificed themselves or those who have internally defended their personal freedoms. Freedoms have been expressed since mankind has created them, but we just must protect those freedoms in which we possess. If we do not defend those freedoms, our country could collapse and be corrupted from other countries. Overall, the phrase, “In defense of freedom,” will be interpreted in various perspectives and explanations as we continue fighting for those freedoms.