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Commission Delays County Home Memorial Plans

By Staff | May 27, 2020

The Tyler County Commission met on Friday, May 22 with all Commissioners present for the meeting. Following the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer, the meeting began with the approval of the previous minutes, exonerations, and the fiduciary report.

Shane Highley, Superintendent of Tyler County Schools, was present and requested the meeting enter into an executive session to speak about personnel.

Upon returning from the executive session, the meeting continued with a funding request from the Adams House. The Adams House reportedly assists with $50 on utility terminations, as well as food supplementing. They were requesting funding from the $100,000 grant the county received for COVID-19 relief. However, the Commission was unsure if money could be spent out of the account to help fund this. Stender reported he felt the Commission needed to gather more information and obtain a list detailing the ways the money can be spent. The item was tabled for further information to be gathered.

The next item on the agenda was the approval of a donation to the Sistersville Senior Center for much needed repairs, according to Stender who reported he had toured the facilities. Stender reported he felt the price was very reasonable for the amount of work that needed to be completed. A motion was made to donate $11,700 to the Sistersville Senior Center to help with repairs.

A bid was also approved for flooring replacement in the sheriff’s office, by Riggenbach Tile and Carpet.

Kathy Seago, a representative from the Tyler County Action Group, spoke to the Commission via telephone to discuss the County Home Memorial. Seago reported the original quote for the monument was $10,000 dollars, with the material being imported from China. The TCAG was hoping to have the monument in by September so it could be etched before the Winter. However, it was determined it was past the deadline for the material to be here before the fall. There was another option to import from India, however the supplier is closed and unsure when they will reopen.

The Commission reported they would rather not import from China, and would be interested in waiting until India is able to import because the slate would likely not arrive by September either way.

OEM Director Tom Cooper reported he is no longer allowed to order PPE supplies for doctors due to supplies becoming more readily available. Cooper reports he plans to stockpile once prices drop. However, he says that they are still in survival mode and now is not the time to buy.

Luke Furbee, Prosecuting Attorney, requested the meeting enter into an executive session to discuss personnel. Upon returning from the executive session, the Commission approved the budget revision and bills. Following these approvals, the meeting was adjourned.