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Stender Wants Another Term As Your County Commissioner

By Staff | May 20, 2020

John Stender

For the past 12 years, former Tyler County Educator and Coach John Stender has served the residents of Tyler County as a County Commissioner. During his tenure he has seen many positive changes and is hoping to be involved in several more.

“When I first took office, we were working just to try and make ends meet. We didn’t have much money to work with, but we still kept the interests of the county residents first,” said Stender.”

“We hold are meetings biweekly in the commissioners room of the courthouse and it is open to the public. We do are best to make decisions that are in best interests of the county as a whole.”

The Tyler Star News recently set down with commissioner Stender at his request to discuss the role of a commissioner and to get a feel first hand as to what they have accomplished during his years of service. We posed a few questions to him and here are his answers.

Question 1. What is the number one thing during your time as commissioner that your most proud of?

“There are several things that stick out in my mind, but number one the renovations to the 4-H camp. It was in a state of despair and without the needed repairs and new construction, it would have been closed,” stated Stender. “We tore down the old dorms and built one new large modern boys dorm which can be used by nearly any group in Tyler County, including church camps. All we ask is they use it responsibly and leave it in the condition they found it.”

Stender said he spent a large deal of his time working on the project and is proud to be a part of giving the youth of the county a nice camp.

Question 2. What other projects have you been involved with while setting as a commissioner?

“Well, most everything that’s taken place I have been involved with one way or another. For example over the past several years we have prospered as a county due to the oil and gas industry and we’ve been able to put some of that money back into the courthouse. We have been working on making the courthouse ADA accessible, we have added security measures, following a few small incidents, and we have upgraded the tax records with the help of the oil and gas industry, to where they are now digitalized.”

Question 3. What are the most pressing needs for the county at this time?

“The most pressing needs for the county, in no particular order are improvements to the prosecutors office, the need for a new 911 center and a new building for the magistrate office. With all three being ADA compliant. All three are in the planning stages at this time,” said Stender.

Question 4. John, what really needs to happen in Tyler County to make it a better place to live and do business?

“We need to get the broadband into all areas of the county. That is a top priority. It’s been in the works and money has been allocated, we just need to see it happen. Let me also add we have a nice industrial park located in Bens Run and there is room for industry to locate. We also have seen a lot of progress on the Rt. 18 South water project. It is a major project that’s nearing completion,” added Stender.

“We also have moved the Sheriff’s department from it’s old office adjacent to the courthouse, into a modern facility where they have more room and office space, plus additional parking.”

Question 5. Can you name some other positives of Tyler County?

“Yes, we support our local school! As you know they are working on a new athletic complex which will be as good as any in the state upon completion. I spent 34 years as a coach in Tyler County and I support this project 100 percent. If we want kids, we need to have a strong school system and up to date facilities. Our citizens always support the levy, whether it the school, fire or ambulance. So we need to take good care of them.”

Question 6. What do you bring to county government that makes you the right person for the job?

“Experience! Working on million dollar projects, negotiating with major companies, architectural and construction, plus my ability to understand the needs of the people. I also know the county and I support better roads, parks and recreation and law enforcement.”

Stender went on to mention he is the founder of the Tyler County Youth Days Camp, a three day camp for the school aged youth of Tyler County. He is a veteran of the Army Reserves and a member of American Legion Post 86. He is a graduate of West Liberty State College with an A.B. in Secondary Education and a Graduate of West Virginia University with a Masters Degree in Industrial Safety.

He is asking for your vote for Tyler County Commissioner on June 9, 2020.