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PCE Student Wins First Place In Young Writers Contest

By Staff | May 13, 2020

PCE student Libby Green won first place in the Young Writers Contest with her story, Sophie in Trouble.

Libby Green from Paden City Elementary was recently announced as the first place winner for her essay, Sophie in Trouble, which she entered in the Young Writers Contest. Libby was among 18 state winners where she achieved the first place title in the Grades 1-2 category under the guidance of teacher Susan Flesher.

Libby’s story is below:

Sophie in Trouble

Hi, my name is Sophie. I am a fluffy white dog with lots of energy and this is how I like to spend my day at home. Please do not tell my human parents but, when they leave home, I have a bonetastic time!!

First, I run to each room double checking that no one is around. Next, the fun begins!! I find myself some new chew toys. These yummy toys are from the humans’ closet. I love leather, it makes my teeth so pretty! Then, all that chewing makes me hungry. I run to the kitchen and look in my bowl, it is empty. That is ok because the trash can is sitting out. I jump at it till BINGO it falls over. There is a food buffet laying on the floor. I eat till I need a nap. My bed is on the floor it is not very comfortable. I decide to hop into a human bed instead. Man, these things are soft and comfy. I sleep like I never have before. I wake up stretch and decide I’m ready to play again. OohBarbies, I love to chew on their arms. After some time chewing, I get bored, so I have a fight with a stuffed animal. I win!!

Finally, I hear a voice “Sophie, we are home.” Oh No, I am going to be in BIG trouble. I look around to see white fluff all over the room, Barbies with missing hands, shoes with holes, and the kitchen floor is covered with food. Maybe they won’t notice? I decided to hide just in case. I hear yelling. I think they noticed. I hear, “Sophie, you are in trouble!!!” I think I will hide a little longer and think about what I should do tomorrow.