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Community Celebrates Class of 2020

By Staff | May 6, 2020

Several people held up signs, posters, and balloons to honor the graduating class.

Tyler County rallied together for a great cause on Friday evening when the Class of 2020 paraded through the county. The graduating class met at Boreman and were honored with a police escort, making their way through Middlebourne to Tyler Consolidated, then ending the parade in Sistersville.

The length of the parade route was decorated with vehicles lining the streets and roads, flashing their lights and honking their horns. Supporters held up posters, balloons, and photos as the seniors passed by. Senior Gage Huffman reported it made the Class of 2020 feel special. “Seeing everyone out in their yard, out on their porch, in town, made everything perfect,” Huffman said. “It shows just how great the citizens of Tyler County really are. With the unique circumstances, I wouldn’t want to go out any other way!”

The response to the Senior Parade was outstanding, leaving several parents and community members wondering if this will be a tradition that continues in Tyler County. Huffman says, personally, he doesn’t feel it would be necessary for other classes. He reports he feels this was an event that arose due to unfortunate circumstances. “Considering the whole last half of our senior year was canceled, it’s only right we do something like that,” Huffman said. “I think it’s unnecessary for other classes unless, of course, something like this happens again. It definitely helps for the future, knowing they have that option, though.”

Heather Rine, parent of senior Braden Rine, said she was unsure at first how many people would show up to honor the Seniors, but was overwhelmed with the community response. “It was an amazing thing to see so many people support these kids,” said Heather. “The support was amazing.”

As for the parade becoming a Tyler County tradition, Heather is unsure. “I think one of the reasons why they did this was because it was a special year. I think it would be good for the community to do it, but I feel like it was something special for these kids that weren’t going to have anything traditional about their graduation,” she reports.

Superintendent Highley broadcasted the event live on the Tyler County Schools Facebook page. He says the response to the event was much larger than planned, and it’s possible the event might become a tradition for Tyler County.

Whether the Senior Parade remains a special event for the Class of 2020 or becomes a tradition that carries on throughout years to come is yet to be determined, however, one thing is for sure – the outpour of support and love the community showed to the graduating class was overwhelming, encouraging, and uplifting.