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Paden City Council Meets Via Conference Call

By Staff | Apr 29, 2020

Paden City Water Stripper Plant nears completion.

The Paden City Council held a special session April 21, via conference call due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Mayor Clyde Hochstrasser called the meeting to order and conducted a roll call. All council members were present by telephone.

The Director of Public Works Superintendent Josh Billiter was not available for the meeting, so the Mayor spoke on his behalf. Hochstrasser said Billiter was wanting to schedule a project in Union Alley between North Third and Fourth Avenue, from the old Susie’s Craft Shop to the Chinese Restaurant for replacement of the old cast iron water line with 600 feet of PVC pipe with new shut off valves, in case of line breaks. Billiter is out getting bids on the materials and plans on doing work in house during July 27 through July 31. Hochstrasser recommended they table the proposal until all bids are in for the equipment, valves, pipe, and the gravel. Council agreed.

Billiter also requested a new dump truck for the Maintenance Department and asked council to discuss it. After discussion Councilman Steve Kastigar made a motion for approval and it was seconded by Jim Richman. The motion carried unanimously for a new GMC, 1-ton, 3500 Series at the cost of $45,656.00. The city will be receiving $3500.00 off that price for their old dump truck if they trade it in on the new one. Since the truck will be used for all the city of Paden City maintenance, the money will come from three different funds, street, water, and sewer.

Council also approved burning season from May 1 through May 15, weather permitting. Vacation time owed to the city workers will be extended until December 31, 2020 due to the Pandemic.

Mayor Hochstrasser and council had to resend the appointment of Ken Stead to the sewer board because there is already two serving on the board and that is all the city is allowed to have serving at one time.

The mayor said that the Air Stripper for the water project should be in this week and everything is in place ready to install it for the project completion scheduled the first week of June, providing all goes well. He also said the state will be sending two more semi loads of water for the community and that will be the end of the free water for the city from the state. They have 20 skids of water on hand to distribute soon.