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Middlebourne Council Discusses Concerns on Water Collection on Park Avenue

By Staff | Apr 29, 2020

The Middlebourne Council convened on April 21 at 6 p.m. in the City Building. During the meeting, a motion was made in favor of accepting the minutes from the previous council meeting as well as the Treasurer’s Report; these motions were quickly carried.

A request was presented to council from Dan and Amy Braucher asking for permission to house 15 chickens on their property. Dan explained that they have a chicken coupe in a fenced in yard and that there would be no rooster. A motion was made to allow the Braucher’s to do so, and the motion was carried.

Following this, Recorder Chad Swiger presented the council with a budget revision. The motion to approve this was made and quickly carried.

Under Old Business, council was told by Town Manager Tena Lemasters that an update on the ongoing water project would not be available until the progress meeting on May 1.

Also in regards to the water project, Lemasters presented the council with information on Drawdown Number 16. It was said that Thrasher Engineering was requesting $28,925, and Famco was requesting $160,319.31. A motion was made and carried to approve the draw-downs.

Lemasters then told council that they had received a letter from the auditor saying that the budget had been approved. However, she said they need to lay the levy. Swiger did so, and a motion was made to approve it. The motion to lay the levy was carried.

In other business, bids were taken for paving between East Street and Main Street on Broad Street. Two bids were given for the full street. J&T bid $19,856 and Doss Enterprises bid $37,288.58. J&T was awarded the bid after the motion to do so was carried.

Under New Business, council member Charlene Galluzo brought council’s attention to an issue with water collection on Park Avenue between two resident’s homes. Galluzo explained that she had brought this matter to council two years ago and was told, at that time, that the town did not own the road and that it was the landowner’s responsibility.

One of the resident’s reportedly attempted to solve the issue by putting fill dirt into the ravine, but this resulted in the water also pooling into the neighboring property. Galluzo said that with all the heavy rain this past winter, the water spread across the road, causing icy conditions after it froze over.

She stated that her concern is that the road will wash out, and reminded council that there are four houses on the other side, and this is the only access in and out of Park Avenue.

In talking with the home owners, Galluzo told council that both individuals are willing to offer their assistance with the stipulation that the town work on getting a culvert placed there so as to solve the issue.

Galluzo also provided council with pictures of the water collecting as well as a document stating that the town has owned the road since July 1999.

Lemasters told council that she spoke with someone on this issue and was informed that they do have a 15 inch culvert that could be used for this. However, it was said that this project would be a lot of work and the town doesn’t have the equipment to do it. Galluzo again reminded council that both homeowners are willing to take on some of the responsibility of costs and labor.

Lemasters then said that she would reach out and get a price estimate on the job.

In other business, Lemasters informed all in attendance that Charlie Delauder had called and said that the new driveway for the Bus Garage is going to go where the town’s main water line runs. Delauder reportedly told Lemasters that they should consider replacing the line. However, Lemasters conveyed that this option would be too pricy; City Attorney Gary Rymer also noted that the water line was built in 1981, and as such isn’t that old.

Lemasters told council that the weight of the buses did have her a bit concerned. Rymer explained that if a bus was to cause a leak, they would have to pay for it to be fixed. However, he told the council to “rest assured” that they are designing the driveway with the weight of the buses in mind.

Following discussion on this matter, Lemasters thanked the council for her new office, which was recently completed.

The meeting was then adjourned. Middlebourne Council will reconvene for their next meeting on May 11 at 6 p.m. in the City Building.