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John Stender Seeks Re-Election To Tyler County Commission

By Staff | Apr 29, 2020

John Stender

My name is John Stender and I am a candidate for Tyler County Commissioner.

I am a graduate of Paden City High School, West Liberty University, and West Virginia University with a Master’s Degree in Industrial Safety.

I have coached and taught in Tyler County for thirty-four years. In addition, I was honored to be named to the Ohio Valley Football Coaches Hall of Fame and the West Virginia Coaches Association Retired Coach of the Year. I am a 50 year member of the American Legion Post 86.

I currently am on the Tyler County Senior Center Board of Directors and was also a member of the West Virginia State County Commission Association Board of Directors. While being commissioner I have served various local, state, and regional committees.

Since I have been in office we have made Tyler County a Second Amendment Sanctuary County; provided all citizens with Air-Evac coverage at no cost; established a three day free camp for all students from kindergarten through sixth grade at our newly refurbished county camp. We currently provide funding to all county libraries, senior centers, Family Resource Network, Wetzel-Tyler Health Department, and assisted the Board of Education in placing Resource Officers in all schools for added safety. Additionally we upgraded the facilities at the County Camp for the enjoyment of all citizens with the stipulation that any youth group is rent free.

In the future we hope to see church camps, band camps, and any other organizations enjoying this newly renovated camp.

Our stated goals are: To relocate the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office to the former Sheriff’s Residence; Relocate the Magistrate’s Office to a secure building with ADA compliance construction – the structure will also include Family Court and the Probation Office. We will continue to renovate the courthouse to become compliant with federal ADA guidelines making it accessible for all citizens. Finally, our 911 center will be a modern secure facility in compliance with all state and federal guidelines.

My promise to you is to continue to work to the best of my ability to promote new and fresh ideas for the betterment of all of Tyler County. I will meet with and listen to any and all individuals or groups that have concerns or ideas that would benefit all of Tyler County.

Your continued support would be appreciated.