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City Council Discusses Parking Issues

By Staff | Apr 29, 2020

The Sistersville City Council met via phone conference on Monday, April 13. Several items were discussed including department head reports, as well as proposed parking limits on Wells Street.

The meeting began with the approval of the previous minutes and bills, followed by a report from the department heads. Rob Haught, Chief of Police, was first to give an update.

Haught reported they have one cruiser in the shop for minor repair.

Chuck Heinline asked if they have had to enforce the loitering issue, regarding those who are out for no reason going nowhere during the pandemic. Haught said he thinks they have only had to enforce the ordinance one time.

Jason Rice then gave a Water Department report. “Last week we lost the prelimitary on the water tank,” he said. He reported they aren’t sure what happened to it, but are gathering quotes on getting it replaced.

Rice reported due to this they will have to climb the water tank on a daily basis to keep track of the water level, and said he will be sure to keep the City updated. He reported they are also getting quotes on the pump replacement, and are looking into help funding the pump from MarkWest.

Mayor Rice gave an update on the street crew. He said the reason the street is taking longer than usual is because several employees were off on sick leave and vacation. Rice said he had to get cribbing ordered, as well.

Greg Gauge gave a quick update on the Ferry Board. “There’s nothing to report, things are sort of in limbo,” he said.

Randy Rutherford asked about the Allen Maxwell docks. “The rise and fall of the river has practically torn them to pieces,” Rutherford said.

Rice said the ball was dropped on trying to get the FEMA dollars to get the dock replaced, and he is unsure if they will receive the funding because of the lack of past history on the docks.

Rutherford suggested taking the docks out of the water for now because of the shape they are in until they can be repaired. “If we can’t fix them and we can’t rent them, we should really work towards getting them out of the water…they are serving zero purpose,” he said.

Rutherford said he had been told a local business was willing to donate money toward drums for the docks, and he is willing to follow up if the Council is interested in doing that. “It’s a resource that has been here for a long, long time; we should at least look into,” he said.

Rice then gave a report on the Water Board, stating they will have to look into getting the ground paved for the booster station. Sistersville City Attorney Krista Fleegle then reported they are hoping to close on the Hissam property sooner rather than later. The Council moved and approved the agreement to be drafted and submitted to Mrs. Hissam with a nominal fee of $500 dollars to be paid out of city general funds.

Mayor Rice then gave an update regarding Parks and Recreation. He stated he believes the pool has a leak, however it’s not in the bottom of the pool, but towards the top. “I’m going to have Russel pump the pool out probably next week if we have good weather,” he said.

He then stated the pool would then be filled back up due to the need to run chlorine.

Under old business, an item from the last meeting regarding an organizational chart was brought up. Mayor Rice said he would work towards getting an organizational chart with all city employees, and who they report to, sent out to each councilman.

The next item under old business was the website. Phil Kanopacky reported this item was voted on seven years ago and has yet to be followed up on. “My only point was we shouldn’t take seven years to follow up on something,” said Kanopacky.

Chuck Heinline then asked for a schedule regarding hydrant flushing. Rice reported he planned to start hydrant flushing at the end of April or beginning of May, after repairing an issue at the golf course lift station that is taking precedence.

Heinline also brought up the parking on Wells Street and asked if they have decided what to do to help deter cars from parking in front of businesses for long periods of time. Haught said he feels there is no practical way to enforce the one or two hour time limit.

Mayor Rice suggested hiring a part time meter maid. However, Haught felt it would only create altercations. He said even when the parking meters were in place, there were employees and business owners feeding the meters to allow them to park there for long periods of time. Haught said there is no practical way to tell how long a vehicle has been in a spot.

City Attorney Krista Fleegle agreed to the enforceability issues.

Haught reported he would check with other local cities to see how they are enforcing their parking laws and limitations.

Under new business, Chuck Heninline reported he would like to suggest putting a city cleanup with dumpsters on the next agenda for the Council’s consideration.

The Council then approved the 2021 budget.

Following the conclusion of new business, the meeting was adjourned.