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Tyler County Commission Discusses Gold Star Memorial

By Staff | Apr 22, 2020

The Tyler County Commission met on April 14, 2020. President John Stender and Commissioner Eric Vincent appeared in person, while Commissioner Mike Smith was present via telephone.

President John Stender called the meeting to order, followed by a prayer led by Commissioner Vincent and the Pledge of Allegiance.

The first items approved were the minutes of the previous meeting, the exonerations given by Assessor Lisa Jackson, and the fiduciary report presented by County Clerk Neil Archer II.

Following these approvals, Cathy Post discussed with the Commission via phone conference the plans for the Gold Star Memorial. This memorial is proposed by the Gold Star Mothers to be placed at the site of the old County Home that was recently demolished, although the demolition was protested by several citizens.

Post reported the plans included 55 fruit trees to represent the 55 counties of West Virginia.

There would also be five Oak trees to represent each branch of the military. Post said the plans include a black granite bench made in West Virginia showing each sponsor of the project, as well as two flag poles. One flag pole would be flying the American Flag, and the other would be flying the Gold Star Mothers Flag.

As for upkeep, Post presented a few options. Post reported she would like to reach out to the Scout leaders about the lawn care maintenance for the boys and girls, and plans to speak to the Tyler County Agricultural Teachers to see if they are interested in teaching their students tree trimming and how to care for the fruit trees.

“There’s not been a lot of veteran recognition in our area until here lately,” said Post.

“This memorial would give people a place to come for reflection and to honor those that gave their lives”

Post reported there are only four of these types of memorials in the state, none of which are close to Tyler County.

President Stender asked if there is an alternative site to place the memorial if it is not placed at the Old County Home site. Post replied there is not another site in mind at this time.

Commissioner Smith reported he would like to travel to see a memorial, and Commissioner Vincent agreed.

The motion was approved to table the item for further evaluation.

President Stender asked for an approval on the mussel survey that was done at the Camp creek. It was reported if mussels are found in the area, they would have to be removed from the workplace and relocated away from the construction.

Stender reported the priority of the bridge construction has moved down on the list.

“I don’t want it to inhibit our Courthouse projects either,” said Smith. The other Commissioners were in agreement. The item was moved and approved to table until further examination.

They then approved a Child Abuse Prevention Month proclamation, followed by discussion about the CTL contracts for the Courthouse and 911 Center. Luke Furbee commented, “From a legal standpoint they make you agree to indemnify them for your negligence, but there isn’t a mirror provision that does the same for you I’m just pointing that out.”

It was moved to table the item until they can fix the indemnity clause.

The next item on the agenda was the approval of a phone system purchase. It was reported the total cost of the project would be $21,450 for 65 phones that would cover the Courthouse, the Magistrate Office, the Sheriff’s Office, and 911. The motion was then approved.

The Commission then approved the budget revisions and bills. The meeting was then adjourned.