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Route 18 Road Paving Complete

By Staff | Apr 22, 2020

Route 18 near the Jug recently had paving work done.

If you travel Route 18 south of Middlebourne, you are likely aware of the paving work that has been done just before the Jug.

Jeffrey McKinney, the Tyler County Administrator for the DOH, reports this work is routine paving that was originally scheduled to take place last year. He reported the work is being contracted out and being completed by another company.

Like many other jobs, the employees are working half shifts at this time due to the pandemic sweeping across the world.

McKinney says there are upcoming plans to pave Sistersville from South to North. These plans have reportedly been in place for nearly two years, however, they have been held up with needed approvals from the railroad company.

Sistersville is also working on a waterline improvement plan, therefore the DOH is waiting for a timeline from that project so they can coordinate with them.

McKinney says they would like to do Route 2 from Paden City to Sistersville this year as well. However, they are waiting on the new budget to come out so the money can be allocated accordingly.

McKinney reported they work hard to stretch out the budget to complete as many roads as possible.