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Prosecuting Attorney’s Office Still At Work

By Staff | Apr 22, 2020

Many changes have been implemented throughout the country in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Many are trying to keep themselves and their employees safe, while still being a functioning, mandatory part of society. The Tyler County Prosecutor’s Office is no different.

Luke Furbee, Tyler County Prosecuting Attorney, says the main change his office has implemented is a rotating work schedule of employees. Furbee reports this limits the amount of staff in the office to two to three employees a day. Since the office is situated on two separate floors, Furbee reports it is easier to keep them well separated.

Furbee also reported the office has been closed to walk-in traffic, although it is uncommon for individuals to come through the office without an appointment. He assured that if there is a necessity for him to meet with an individual, an appointment may be made to accommodate that need.

As for Criminal Court hearings, Furbee says most of them have been continued. Furbee reported initial hearings are still authorized. However, there are certain instances, such as abuse and neglect, that may be conducted on an emergency basis.

According to Furbee, the Magistrate Judges are still setting bail, still having initial appearances, and are still holding preliminary hearings.

“Otherwise,” said Furbee, “this is the greatest disruption I’ve ever been a part of. It’s unprecedented. So far, the wheels have stayed on.”

Furbee reports being in his position during this time, he has become the interpreter of the Governor’s executive orders for people in the county. He says he has created a file, and answers questions daily about the Governor’s orders.

Furbee often posts updates and information on the Tyler County, West Virginia Prosecuting Attorney Facebook page, and it’s a good resource for accurate information regarding the Governor’s orders.