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Wetzel County Bus Driver And Crew To The Rescue

By Staff | Apr 15, 2020

This house in Paden City suffered fire damage on Monday, April 6.

Monday morning April 6, Wetzel County school bus driver Jeremy Shepherd and retired school aide Eva Rogalski, along with county nurse Tiffany Heinzman, were working to bring food to Wetzel County Students. While making deliveries in Paden City, Shepherd noticed smoke above a local home and the three took action.

Their mission each week is to make sure the kids aren’t going hungry. This particular day however, they found themselves cast into the role of saving a life. After noticing the smoke Shepherd turned the bus around and the three went to work. The result was a female sleeping inside the burning house. Heinzman pounded hard on the front door and was able to awaken the sleeping girl and get her to safety.

“I ran to knock on the door,” said Tiffany Heinzman, county nurse. “The girl was asleep but we were able to knock loud enough to wake her, and get her out of the house. We don’t want to take any credit because anybody would have done the exact same thing that we did in the situation.”

“When we pulled up at Broadway Street, we did indeed see the fire at the house,” said Eva Rogalski, retired school aide. “Jeremy got the fire extinguisher off the bus. We went over. By the time we got to the apartment, Tiffany had awakened the young lady who lived there.”

Although the local Paden City fire department arrived at the scene in a very timely fashion, Shepherd, Heinzman, and Rogalski had everything under control. The house sets in the back of the lot just off of Rt. 2, the main road through the community.

“The front door was on fire,” said Shepherd. “And it was melting the siding, burning the wood of the house, and it was going up to the ceiling and the roof. I was fortunate enough that we got there in time to be able to put it out with a single fire extinguisher.”