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Tyler County BOE Holds Meeting Via Conference Call

By Staff | Apr 15, 2020

The Tyler County Board of Education met on April 6. The meeting was held via conference call due to the government mandated social distance guidelines. All members were present for the meeting.

Following the approval of the previous minutes, Superintendent Shane Highley gave an update regarding the distance learning plans. Highley reported the state had previously determined that they would not be giving guidance to these plans, however, that has now changed. Highley said they are working to ensure these plans align with the state’s guidance.

“Our schools are doing a great job. Our teachers are doing a great job,” said Highley.

Highley then reported they are continuing to deliver meals and are planning to do so as long as possible.

As far as Prom and Graduation, Highley says they are not yet ready to change the plans at this time, and they plan to wait until the Governor makes his decision on when or if the students will return to school.

He reports he feels it is necessary seniors have closure to their senior year and is going to ensure that happens.

The next item of business was the approval of the construction contract for the bus garage and field contract. It was reported at this time there are no hold ups with items that have been ordered and the project is still on track to be finished at the original completion date. A motion quickly passed to approve the contract.

The following employments were approved: Tommy Phillips as TCHS girls basketball coach, and Logan Kehrer as TCMS Cheer Coach.

The following employments were also approved as as needed positions only, meaning “If the superintendent determines that the purpose of the contract has been frustrated and/or rendered moot (e.g., sports season canceled, schools closed) due to the current pandemic situation and/or related events beyond the control of the Board, the successful applicant will retain the position BUT WILL NOT BE PAID for the upcoming sports season (or summer work program) as no work shall be required of the successful applicant in that situation.”:

Employ Sherri Travis, Pamela Clark, Lisa Bowen, Trudy Pethtel, Stacey Wade, and Angie Baker as extracurricular assignment cooks; employ Mike Hickman, Roger Young, Brian Dennis, Bernadette Hood, Melissa Gump, Amanda Spencer, Michelle Hadley, Rodney Hayes, Kayla Shields, Donald Shields, Jacob Roberts, Chris Weekley, Martin Parrish, Kenneth Paden, Herbert Efaw, Stephanie Baker, Kelly Smith, and Janet Heintzman as extracurricular assignment bus operators; employ Lisa George, Stephen Eastham, Martin Parrish, Jacob Roberts, Melissa Gump, and James Drain as Summer Painters; employ Chris Weekley, Janet Heintzman, and Angie Baker as Summer Painters, pending passing of the painter competency exam; employ James Drain, Kennedy Patterson, Angie Baker, Stephen Eastham, and Kelly Smith as Summer Custodians; employ Martin Parrish, Janet Heintzman, and Chris Weekley as Summer Custodians pending passing of the custodian competency exam; employ Shawna Griffin as Summer Secretary; employ Charlie Delauder, BA Decks and More, as Clerk of the Works/Summer Supervisor; employ Trudy Pethtel as full-time Cafeteria Manager for summer feeding program; employ Sarah Patterson as half-time Energy Express Cook; employ Bonnie Richeson as Cook full-time Satellite feeding program; employ Herbert Efaw as Energy Express Bus Operator for the Middlebourne area; and employ Timothy Patterson as Energy Express Bus Operator for the Sistersville Area.

Following the approval of the paying of the bills, the meeting was adjourned.