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Paden City Group Hands Out Water

By Staff | Mar 25, 2020

Water Handout in Paden City.

Saturday, March 14 was a special day in Paden City as the Water Crisis Group passed out bottled drinking water to the community for the third time in the past couple months.

The ladies spearheading the event had secured enough water through donations to allow ten cases per household. In some instances they even made deliveries, however the majority of the action took place at the Paden City Industrial Park where volunteers from young to old worked for four hours loading cases of water into peoples vehicles.

The process went very smoothly even as cars and trucks lined Route 2, and Adams Street, waiting for their turn to get loaded. At one point traffic was backed up for nearly a mile to the intersection of Main Street.

Some good lessons were learned by some fine young kids. Paden City Wildcat football and baseball coaches had many of their athletes helping with the process.

It may have been the best workout these kids received for a while, since spring sports have been cancelled.

Vehicles waiting in line on Saturday, March 14, to get drinking water in Paden City.

In any event it was an excellent opportunity to learn about community service.

A special thanks is to go out to each and everyone who helped provide the local residents with clean drinking water while they continue to wait on clean water from the city.

The City is currently working on a new $570,000 stripper system to their water treatment plant, which they believe will eliminate the PCE contaminant now found in the water supply.

As of now there are no more water handouts planned and residents are currently petitioning the Governor for clean water. Governor Justice declared Paden City an emergency on February 4, but clean drinking water has not been provided.

Wildcat Coaches and Athletes help load vehicles during water handout in Paden City.