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Local Schools Continue To Feed Students

By Staff | Mar 25, 2020

Two A.I. Boreman students receive meals.

On Friday, March 13, Governor Jim Justice announced that all West Virginia schools would be temporarily closed in an attempt to help curb the spread of the novel Coronavirus. Governor Justice also advised that all out of state travel, and all extracurricular and after-school activities would be cancelled for the time being.

In the same press release, it was announced that child nutrition programs were to continue. West Virginia Superintendent of Schools W. Clayton Burch said, “The health and safety of our children is our foremost concern. We will work closely with our community partners, including the West Virginia National Guard, state agencies, organizations, school employees, and families to meet the needs of our students whether it be food distribution or other important supports.”

It was reported that the WVDE has been “working with the federal government to ensure that students relying on school breakfast and lunch programs will continue to receive those meals.”

Our local cooks and bus drivers have worked tirelessly on this endeavor, making sure children within the county are well-fed. School cooks work each day to prepare both breakfast and lunch meals, bag them up for easy delivery, and bus drivers then assist in delivering these meals to students within the county.

During this time of confusion, citizens of Tyler and Wetzel counties have been able to rely on the surety of this assistance, knowing their children will be served a well-balanced breakfast and lunch each day.

Meals are ready to be delivered to Paden City students.

Many local families have felt a significant financial burden during this time of crisis. Much gratitude and appreciation is offered to the school system, the cooks, bus drivers, and all offering their assistance in this wonderful project. The hard work of these individuals is acknowledged and appreciated by all.

In regards to this wonderful program, Governor Justice said, “I want to commend all our school service personnel and school leadership for their commitment to our students and for making sure school meals are available to kids who truly need them,”