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Sistersville Ferry Preparing For Return to Service

By Staff | Mar 18, 2020

The Sistersville Ferry is set to be in operation for the 2020 season after the Sistersville City Council approved a full-time position for Herman “Bo” Hause, pilot.

SISTERSVILLE – After closing for the season last year due to staffing issues, the Sistersville Ferry is set to be up and running for this season pending a few inspections and preparations.

After Herman “Bo” Hause vacated the position last year, the ferry was left without a pilot. A few months ago, Hause expressed interest in returning to the position, according to Barb Gage, chairperson for the Sistersville Ferry Board.

The previous position was part time, but the Sistersville City Council approved hiring Hause for a full-time position Monday evening. Hause will work for the ferry during the operational months and will work for the city during the off season.

Gage said during the season his salary will be covered by the ferry account and the city will cover his salary for the remaining seven months of the year.

“He’s an exceptional worker. He (will) be a wonderful asset to the city,” Gage said.

In order to get the ferry up and running for the season, it has to go through a Coast Guard inspection to make sure everything is ready. Gage doesn’t think the inspection will be an issue.

“There has been somebody keeping an eye on it and we’re hoping that there isn’t something hidden that will be an issue,” Gage said.

As for the future of the ferry, Gage said it will be important for community members to support it by taking rides or volunteering to be a board member.

“I wish that more people in Sistersville would ride it. We really would like to see it supported financially more by the community. Hopefully that continues to increase when the ferry comes back,” she said.

It is estimated to be in operation by the first Saturday in May. Gage said they’re looking into putting on a special event that weekend but it’s still too early to tell for sure.

The ferry board is hoping to bring on new members. Anyone interested in becoming a Sistersville Ferry Board member can contact Barb Gage at gage.barb@gmail.com.

Candice Black can be reached at cblack@newsandsentinel.com.