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Republican Candidate for Sheriff Of Tyler County Benjamin Placer

By Staff | Feb 19, 2020

Ben Placer

I was born and raised in Sistersville and am a graduate of Sistersville High School. I enlisted in the U.S. Navy as a junior in High School and, upon graduation, I attended basic training at Great Lakes Naval Training Center then served aboard the USS Saratoga as an Aviation Ordnanceman during Operation Enduring Freedom in Bosnia. Upon completion of my enlistment, I returned back to Sistersville and began pursuing my degree in Criminal Justice from WVU at Parkersburg. Just prior to completing my degree in 1998 I received a job offer from the Amherst Police Department in central Virginia. I began my career with the Amherst Police Department in October of 1998. As an officer with the Amherst Police Department, I completed numerous schools including the Virginia Forensic Academy in Richmond, Virginia. I also completed college and earned an Associate degree in Criminal Justice from WVU at Parkersburg.

Upon completion of the Forensic Science academy in 2005 I was promoted to investigator.

In 2010 I was hired as an investigator with the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office in Virginia. Then in May of 2011 I returned back home to Sistersville where I was employed as the Chief of Police until October of 2014. I left the Sistersville Police Department in 2014 for employment with Momentive Performance Materials. I worked for Momentive as a chemical operator for approximately six months then accepted a shift foreman position where I served as the assistant Fire Chief then subsequently the Shift Fire Chief. Despite a major pay difference, I missed my life passion of serving the community in Law Enforcement. So in October of 2018 I left Momentive for employment with the Wetzel County Sheriff’s Office where I am currently employed.

Throughout my career in Law Enforcement I have served in several capacities and completed numerous law enforcement courses. I have served as a patrolman, Investigator, Deputy Sheriff, and Chief of Police. I am seeking to be elected as Sheriff of Tyler County because I believe that I have the training and experience necessary to make positive changes within the Tyler County Sheriff’s Office. I would like to work with Tyler County Deputies to improve patrol tactics and provide better coverage to all areas of the county.

I also have previous experience with budgeting and will make the Sheriff’s Office fiscally responsible. I believe that emergency vehicles provided to the Sheriff’s Office should be used as emergency vehicles. They should not be used to transport families back and forth to school, sporting events, or taken out of the county for personal use or to attend out of county personal events. I feel that this type of activity not only places family members at risk, but also takes advantage of county funds that are used to purchase fuel, tires, and other vehicle maintenance.

Also, it is no secret that our State and County suffers from a major drug issue. I have watched as good friends and families struggle with drug addictions. The drug issue affects everyone in one way or another, whether it’s a loved one you have lost or you have been a victim of a crime related to drugs. If elected Sheriff I promise to meet this issue head on. I believe that we have to begin by uniting together and pushing for tougher drug laws in our state. We need to get aggressive on the street level and work to give dealers lengthy prison terms. If elected I would work closely with the prosecuting attorney’s office to ensure the Tyler County Sheriff’s Office is doing everything possible to obtain convictions in court. I would also like to implement specialized training for school resource officer that will enable them to teach the D.A.R.E. program which also includes Bullying awareness, education, and prevention training.

I have devoted nearly half of my life to serving in law enforcement and it would be an honor to continue my career as your sheriff and serve the citizens of Tyler County and make it a safer place for our families. I hope that you will give me the opportunity to put my hard work and dedication to use as the Sheriff of Tyler County and ask for your vote in the upcoming Primary Election on May 12, 2020.