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Bombshell Celebrates Five Years

By Staff | Feb 5, 2020
Brooke Lemasters, owner of Bombshell Hair Studio.
Barbara Lemasters, owner of MiaLiaás Boutique.

In this small town it is often hard to find a relaxing place to enjoy a day of shopping and pampering. Wether it be for a girls’ day, a mother and daughter day, or just a quiet day alone, one often has to drive an hour either direction to recieve this experience. Business owners Barbara and Brooke Lemasters kept this in mind while collaborating to create the ultimate experience in the area.

Bombshell Hair Studio, owned by Brooke Lemasters, and MiaLia’s Botique, owned by Barbara Lemasters, offer a unique experience. The two businesses share a building for the convience of their customers and guests.

Barbara reports she named the boutique for her little dog, Mia Lia. “My goal is to provide things for ladies so they don’t have to drive far away,” says Barbara. Her boutique showcases several items such as clothing, jewelry, purses, and even home decor.

Brooke stated they decided to collaborate because they felt it would be a good idea for clients to shop around, even while processing color. She said even though they are two seperate businesses, they work together to be cohesive and create an experience for their guests.

The two businesses celebrated their fifth anniversary on February 1. Brooke reported she has recently become an educator in the beauty industry, as well. “It is a huge accomplishment and I didn’t expect that,” she said, stating she believes if you work for things, set goals, and accomplish those goals, you can make big things happen.