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Students Given ‘Boreman’s Best Award’ for Third Six Weeks

By Staff | Jan 22, 2020

Pictured are the students who were selected for the “Boreman’s Best Award.”

The “Boreman’s Best Award” was recently given to students from each class at Arthur I. Boreman Elementary School for the third six weeks. At the end of each six weeks, students are selected based on their behavior, attitude, and character.

The students received a certificate in recognition for their efforts in school.

The following students were selected for the third six weeks: Ella Strode, Huxley George, Aly Leek, Ona Smith, Eli Smith, Khalie Shepherd, Kloe McEldowney, Beau Glover, Bentley Stubbs, Cayden Thomas, Tinsley Stevens, Jayden Stover, Hunter Keller, Reagan Steele, Patrick Jones, Makayla Farrell, Landon Fiber, Kyle Satterfield, Abby Jacenkiw, Jaelin Ice, Andi Fiber, Ethan Henderson, Jayden Ferrell, Johannah Lattea, Brennon Miller, Stori Fletcher, Seleana Wilson, Erickson Smith, and Sky Gille.