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Sistersville Council Makes Decision on Parking Meters

By Staff | Jan 22, 2020

The Sistersville City Council met for the first meeting of the New Year on January 13. The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by an opening of the floor for public forum.

New Martinsville city resident H. John Rogers was present to discuss the lack of handicap parking in front of a particular business in Sistersville. Rogers began by announcing his candidacy for Prosecuting Attorney of Tyler County, followed by several accusations of previous Sistersville city officials. Mayor Bill Rice directed Rogers back on track, saying the public forum of the meeting was to discuss Sistersville city government, not to spread rumors or slander.

Rogers replied he wanted handicap parking in front of the business.

Mayor Rice reported it would be discussed.

Following the conclusion of public forum, the minutes of the previous meeting were quickly approved. A motion was also made to approve the city bills.

Jason Rice updated the Council the Water/Sewer department has been doing chemical spill testing due to the accident that occurred in Wetzel County near the beginning of the month. “They have been testing for that every day for the past week,” Rice reported. “We have all the test results for the testing in the intakes and everything else from that if anybody would want to see them or anything else like that, they can get ahold of us.”

Barb Gage was present to talk about the Sistersville Ferry. She reported she was going to try to get the committee back together to talk about the Ferry.

She reported previous pilot Bo Hause had expressed some interest into coming back to pilot. She also reported, “Bo has been watching the boat, for anyone who thinks it is sinking or floating away; Bo does check on it, he just has strange hours.”

Connie Vincent represented the Planning Commission in saying they received a grant for $6,050 to help with asbestos testing once the BAD Buildings project gets to that point.

Mayor Rice gave an update on the burnt house on Oxford Street. He said he got in contact with the owner who reported he is having it tested for asbestos. Mayor Rice asked him to give him updates regarding cleaning up the lot.

Rob Haught, Chief of Police, reported the department had received three laptop computers and printers to enable them to continue doing electronic citations. He reported this helps them remain more visible in the communities and more work can be done from the car.

Following the reports from the department heads, the meeting moved on to discuss parking issues throughout town.

Mayor Rice reported a decision needed to be made on the parking meters downtown before the sidewalks are put in. Rice said there has been many incidents where drivers are parking on yellow curbs, blocking driveways, and even parking on sidewalks, limiting traffic flow and creating several potential dangerous situations.

The Council decided to make a motion to remove parking meters for the time being and discuss signs regarding parking time limits in front of businesses at a later meeting. The motion quickly carried.

The next item of business was a discussion of the resolution, as well as the terms and conditions, of the Sistersville General Hospital Board of Managers approving the Asset Purchase Agreement for the sale of Sistersville General Hospital – a municipally owned critical access hospital – to Wheeling Hospital, Inc. The assembly briefly discussed the item and it was reported several people were concerned about the current employees. Attorney Crawfield reported it is expected all employees will become Wheeling Hospital employees. It was moved and approved to accept the items.

A motion was also made and carried to approve patrolman Gavin Corely to full time status.

Connie Boyd and Connie Vincent were then reappointed to the Park and Pool Board.

The Council also approved to open a new account for the BAD Buildings. The funds are not able to be mixed with city funds and it is important that the money be kept separate. This is reportedly required by the grant that was received.

The bids were then opened for the new pickup truck and dump truck the City is purchasing. Mayor Rice reported he needed to meet with the committee to discuss which is the better option. A motion was moved and approved to give the Mayor the authority to meet and determine the acceptable bid for the trucks.

Following this, the meeting was adjourned.