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The Lighthouse CAC Seeks Community Support

By Staff | Nov 6, 2019

The Lighthouse Child Advocacy Center, located at 102 West Main Street in Paden City, is a child-friendly facility with staff that works to provide children and families professional, compassionate care in order to reduce the trauma often experienced by children that are victims of abuse. Rather than having a child taken from agency to agency to endure multiple interviews, the CAC model brings the system to the child for an effective, child-centered, healing process. The Lighthouse CAC works within a multidisciplinary model that includes child protection, law enforcement, and other treatment professionals with the goal of holding offenders accountable and facilitating healing for the child. Families are served regardless of their ability to pay.

How is the CAC able to offer services for free? Susan Scharf, Executive Director says, “We survive off a state grant through Justice & Community Services and a federal grant through VOCA (Victims of Crime Act). However, we thrive on corporate donations, individual donations, small grants, and fundraisers to fully fulfill our mission. There are many ways you can give to help child survivors in Wetzel and Tyler Counties.”

For the month of November, the Lighthouse Child Advocacy Center is asking law enforcement and friends to stop shaving and grow out your beard for a good cause. This is part of their annual fundraiser called, “No Shave for the Brave“. You won’t want to miss this fun celebration of law enforcement, CAC supporters, and the work of the CAC. All you do is pay the $25 registration fee and stop shaving on November 1st. That’s it! Registration is now open for individuals to join in the challenge and grow out their beards. For those who want to participate or donate, go to: www.thelighthousecac.org/noshave or contact the CAC.

Once registered, informational postcards will be available to hand out to the public when asked why you aren’t clean shaven. A link will be provided on the card for them to learn more about the fundraiser and how they can donate towards the challenge. The more money raised to support your beard-growing, the better. These cards are available by contacting the CAC at 304-337-2120. Like “The Lighthouse Child Advocacy Center” on Facebook to see before and after pictures of our beard-growers. “No Shave for the Brave” is open to the public.

Another way to donate is through the national SHINE campaign. Many adult survivors live with the consequences of child sexual abuse every day. But the stories of these survivors does not end there. With the power of community and mutual support, the help of the advancing science of mental health, and through the CAC, adult survivors and their supporters can and do become the most courageous and dedicated child advocates of all.

More than 25 million adult survivors live in this country. Alone, their experiences are in the shadows single stars in the darkness.

Yet as each of us lets our light shine, we form constellations, galaxies, and a universe of support for one another.

We recognize and bring awareness to the issue of child abuse by sharing stories of hope. In honor of adult suvivors, in ensuring healing and justice for the children we serve each year, and in defense of the children whose abuse we may yet prevent, we ask you to join us. Whether you’re a survivor, a friend or family member of one, an advocate, or just someone who wants to show their support, we need you as a part of this work.

To prevent child abuse and heal its damage, it’s time to listen. It’s time to talk. It’s time to SHINE. To get involved in the SHINE Campaign, join the community of support, to learn more about the Lighthouse Child Advocacy Center, or to get help, call 304-337-2120 or visit www.thelighthousecac.org/SHINE

Year after year, the Lighthouse Child Advocacy Center serves a record number of children in Wetzel and Tyler Counties.

This constant increase has been the reason that the CAC has expanded services and staff. Current staff include: Susan Scharf as Executive Director, Brittany Darnell as Forensic Interviewer, Lindsey Eddy LSW as Family Advocate, and an Outreach Advocate who will soon be added to the team.

The Lighthouse CAC serves children ages 3-17 who have been alleged to have experienced sexual abuse, physical abuse, drug endangerment, or is a witness to violence. The CAC has recently expanded services to include serving adult victims with developmental delays and the new Outreach Advocate will be available to assist local schools and organization in educating their students on body safety.

To make a general donation, you can do so by mailing a check or money order to: The Lighthouse CAC, 102 West Main Street, Paden City, WV 26159 or by doing it electronically at www.thelighthousecac.org/donate. For more information, please call Susan at 304-337-2120 or email us at Wetzel-tylercac@yahoo.com.

The work of the CAC and support of our partners, volunteers, and donors is not just symbolic; it has a real impact in both preventing and responding to child abuse.