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Students Receive Boreman’s Best Award for First Six Weeks

By Staff | Oct 9, 2019

Pictured are the students who received the “Boreman’s Best Award” for the first six weeks.

The “Boreman’s Best Award” was given to students from each class at Arthur I. Boreman Elementary School. At the end of each six weeks, students were selected based on their behavior, attitude, and character. The students received a certificate in recognition for their efforts in school. The students pictured include: Jaxson Metzger, Harper Pritt, and Mia Maxey in row one; Rebecca Hutson, Kambre Yeater, Braeden Baker, Lodee George, Maleah Huffman, and Chase Judge in row two; Zane Hoover, Blayne VanCamp, Teagan Barnhart, Ava Weekley, Wyatt Wilson, Dawson Smith, and Brooklyn Gist in row three; Emily Gist, Jacob Gump, Conner Tennant, Isabella Johnson, Lilly Moore, Amber Ebert, and Noah Williamson in row four; and Kamryn Satterfield, Aiden Lancaster, Caleb Gist, Gracelyn Smith, Toni Thomas, Brody Nice, and Josie Reed in row five.