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Old Time Revival Returns To Paden City

By Staff | Sep 25, 2019

Evangelist Jeremy Gilbert brings ministry to Paden City.

Evangelist Jeremy Gilbert, born and raised in Paden City, West Virginia and a 2002 Graduate of Paden City High School, will be holding a tent revival for the people of Paden City and throughout the area until further notice.

Jeremy has been an Associate Pastor of Victory Faith Center in Houston, PA, but has recently relocated back to his hometown with a vision of reaching the lost in the area. He is the founder of the evangelistic ministry called Image Ministries, which he believes his purpose is to wake people up to the great news that all people are made in the image of God.

“While living in Pennsylvania, I would travel home to see my family and just wasn’t happy with the direction the town seemed to be heading,” said Evangelist Jeremy.”

The town of Paden City that I grew up in just isn’t the same.

“I felt a very strong burden on my heart to see God change the city and bring it to prosperity. My desire is for the community of Paden City to enter into a rich and satisfying life, and I believe the only way it can be done is through the message of Jesus Christ.”

Tent Revival to be held in Paden City.

Jeremy said everyone wants to see community improvement and he believes the only answer is from divine intervention. His purpose in the Tent Revival is to: provide prayer and spiritual support for the community and city leaders working hard to alleviate problems, build a better town, to use the tent outreach to branch a connection between the community and local churches, and help the community meet local church leaders and find a home church for their family.

“My role as an evangelist is to gather people that are seeking God and help them find a home church to grow in their faith, and to provide a safe and fun place of entertainment for children and families that the community can gather around and socialize. Celebrate our heritage. Paden City has a rich heritage of country folk. There used to be a day when barn revivals and tent revivals were the norm. I want to bring that back to the town and celebrate our heritage,” Evangelist Jeremy added. All are welcome to come!

Jeremy said the tent revival will include praise music from local artists, encouraging messages delivered by Evangelist Jeremy Gilbert as well as local pastors, and an open invitation for prayer every night.

“I especially encourage people to bring the sick and suffering for prayer. I have great compassion for the sick and suffering as I once in my life suffered from physical ailments.”

The Tent Revival started Thursday, September 19 and will be held every night at 6 p.m., except for Sundays. Also, prayer for the city will be held every night at 5 p.m. for anyone that would like to join. The Tent Revival will continue daily until further notice.

Parking is available at the parking lots in Paden City Park. You can see the blue and white tent from the parking lot and walk over. The tent is located behind railroad tracks across the street from the playground.