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Banker’s Corner Coffee Shop To Open

By Staff | Aug 7, 2019

The old Union Bank in Sistersville is currently being re-purposed to be The Banker's Corner Coffee Shop.

Coffee lovers in the town of Sistersville will be happy to hear that a new coffee shop is coming to town! Terry Wiley, along with his brother, Bob Cox, have set their vision of repurposing the old Union Bank into motion. “What we’ve done,” says Wiley, “is take the old bank building built in the early 1900’s and kept the flavor of it.”

“The Banker’s Corner Coffee Shop,” as the brothers have decided to name the business, is expected to be open around Labor Day this year. Customer’s can expect a light breakfast, light lunch, coffees, pastries “to die for”, sandwiches of different types, and specials of the day to be served at the shop. “We’re trying to give a little twist on a coffee shop,” said Cox.

Upon entering the building, marble walls accentuate the old-timey feel. Double French Doors lead to a small dining area that is planned to be used to host parties and private meetings. Although many updates had to be made to the old bank, such as heating and cooling, electrical work, and a new roof, the two have made it an obligation to keep history in the features.

“We completely reworked the building, but are keeping the integrity of the building,” said Cox. He went on to explain that the ceiling had to be replaced in the dining room, so the lighting features they chose closely resembled those in a picture taken of an old babour shop on Wells Street.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the building is the original vault that was used in the bank.

The month of August is sure to be busy for Cox and Wiley as they finalize the menu, figure out hours of operation, and interview individuals for employment.