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Tyler County Youth Days a Big Success

By Staff | Jul 31, 2019

The Tyler County Commission gave an update on the success of the Tyler County Youth Days, as well as the progress that is taking place at the 4-H Camp, at the July 23 meeting.

Brian Weigle, Tyler County Sheriff, was present with a follow-up on his request to purchase a new cruiser. At the previous July 9 meeting, Weigle had requested to replace a cruiser with 130,000 miles. He asked that the item of business be tabled due to not having a quote for the cruiser yet. “They have not gotten back to us on the price of the new ones because of the rollout,” Weigle reported. “They said it would be two to three weeks.” A motion to table the item passed unanimously.

Josh Fulks, E-911 director, reported that the air conditoning at the Klondike Tower had been replaced. “A couple years back, we had Bee Electric up at the Klondike Tower. They told me the air conditioning was going to have to be replaced. It actually went bad a couple weeks ago,” Fulks reported. “I got Pride Heat and Air to replace that unit up there. It was $3,200. It’s already been replaced.” Fulks went on to say that the new building that he and Weigle had requested for the Fairgrounds will be delivered July 24. He presented the Commissioners with a quote from Carter Lumber to finish the inside of the building for $3,301.49, and the motion to fund the project passed unanimously.

Commissioner Mike Smith informed the council of the grant and loan the Tyler County Public Service District has received to make improvements to the facility, including revamping the sewage system and the vaccum system. The PSD was awarded the 1.2 million dollar funding by the USDA.

John Stender gave an update on the progress of the 4-H Camp. “We’re following all the reccomendations of the fire marshall, redoing things that were changed in the new fire code,” Stender said. He went on to report that a stoop needed to be redone, the door has been put on the furnace, and a ceiling needed to be rewired. Stender then went on to give a report on the Tyler County Youth Days that took place at the 4-H Camp. “There were 86 campers, 23 teenage assistants or counselors from the area, and ten adults,” Stender said.

Vincent commented on the success of the Youth Days, as well. “It was well participated, well organized,” Vincent said. “It’s not about our ego, it’s not about making the buildings look pretty, it’s all about serving the kids who are going to use that place out there. That’s what it’s all about.”

The Commissioners also decided that they need to speak to someone regarding a new clause in the Air-Evac County-Wide renewal saying that if someone is uninsured they can be billed the medicare allowable rate. $64,566 was the renawal rate for the insurance and residents had the option to upgrade and have coverage in other areas that they provide.

The Rt2/ I-68 authority requested $3,000 of funding. “It is an authority that has been brought forth by legislature,” Vincent said. Vincent reported that the Commission had funded the Authority last year and a motion unanimously passed to contribute to them.

Following an Executive Session with Brian Weigle regarding personell, Luke Peters was present for the first public Community Development meeting. Peters touched on a few aspects of the next steps that will reportedly be taken for the project, including an income survey. The project reportedly needs to benefit 51 percent of low to medium income households, and will potentially affect 167 customers.

The next public meeting will be August 16 following the Commission Meeting at 9 a.m.