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Tyler County Public Service District Receives Grant and Loan

By Staff | Jul 24, 2019

The Tyler County PSD was awarded funding for upgrades.

The Tyler County Public Service District held a ceremony on July 17 to celebrate receiving funding from the USDA. The District has been awarded a $700,000 loan and a $463,000 grant that will be used to upgrade the wastewater treatment plant.

This project will provide improved service to 287 existing rural residences and businesses. “This project is a project I am very passionate about because this is a project that I have been waiting for for several years,” said Tina Lancaster, the general manager. “Over the years, I have really seen the plant deteriorate.”

Dominick Cerrone gave a quick description of the project. “This district has miraculously operated a plant that stems from the early 1980’s. It has been working pretty well, but it’s showing it’s age. Mechanically, it was basically becoming an antique,” Cerrone said. “It’s a fully USDA funded project.” He went on to report that the scope of impovements include replacements and restorations, new electrical improvemants, a new generator, and a new control center.

Kris Warner, the USDA state director for rural development, was present at the ceremony. “Each year, USDA Rural Development programs create or preserve rural jobs, build and update rural infrastructure, and create or improve quality rural housing across the United States,” Warner said. “Today we celebrate not only the funding award for this project, but we also celebrate the hard work and determination of everyone associated with the PSD as well as the residents of this community.”

Lancaster commented on the County Commission’s willingness to help. “They’ve been very helpful with some of our projects, whether it be financial aid or anything else we need,” Lancaster said. “They are always there; it seems like no matter what we ask for, and I feel like we’ve asked for a lot here recently, and they never hesitate.”

Lancaster concluded by saying she also appreciates the hard work of PSD operator, Cody James. “Very seldom do we have people without service for very long at all, and that’s something we take seriously,” Lancaster said.