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Paden City High School Class of 2009 Celebrates 10 Year Reunion

By Staff | Jul 3, 2019

When you’re little and first starting school, everything seems so big. You timidly walk through the gigantic, heavy doors at Paden City Elementary and suddenly you’re closing them behind you for the last time, or at least until recently, where some of us will soon watch our children begin their careers as Wildcats.

You don’t really think about just how much you will miss doing things like taking AR tests and using all your points for a sparkly feathered pen or a jar of slime at the book fair, or how much you’ll really miss being promised a nap!

Looking back, it really was about all the small things. From learning hot cross buns on the recorder with Mrs. Aberegg to writing and acting out our own commercials, we always kept busy, and entertained, in elementary school.

Mrs. Starcher used to call us the big fish in a little pond, but that was before we moved on to the high school. Can you still remember the 8th graders taking us on our first tour?

That’s when life started moving too fast and it still hasn’t slowed down.

We started having multiple classes, with three minutes between to get to the next. We started participating in sports and band, and had to really learn how to effectively manage our time, and our grades. We started going to school dances and had a blast, even though for the first year the boys refused to attend.

When football started our freshman year, it was a big deal over which girl got to wear which boy’s practice jersey at school. A local news station highlighted that most of the Wildcat football team biked to football practice, as they didn’t yet have their driver’s licenses.

For Sophomore year, the stand-out memory is spelling sophomore wrong on our banners, a mistake we luckily found before putting them on display! Our Junior year, despite losing to a mix of seniors and freshman in powder puff football, we won spirit week.

Mixed in here and there are flashbacks of gatherings at Choo Choo’s after any sporting event, of starting our own tailgate cookout in the front yard of the school, and of riding the bus to Cameron with that one driver!

Senior year though, seems like it was yesterday. Locked in a trunk with a high school yearbook is a shirt that says “How could we go Wrong when we’ve got Ricky Wright?” from the home game where he made his 1,000th point in basketball.

There are too many awards and accolades to list or point out, because as Mr. Warren Grace himself said, we were the best class. Although, he did add “with which to retire.”

We were one of the first classes in the history of PCHS to have all graduates receive a scholarship, where we held the ceremony on the football field and over 1,000 people attended. The sea of green and white were not only supporting us, but the school as it was in danger of being closed.

We didn’t let it happen though, and we never will. Through rallies and fundraisers and the work that we didn’t see because we were behind those desks, it stayed open. We have reached the ten year mark of that decision, and the plan may soon be reviewed. Would you be willing to fight for it again?