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Tyler County Commissioners Hear Proposal for New 911 Center

By Staff | Jun 19, 2019

On June 11, the Tyler County Commission held a regular meeting at 9 a.m. The first order of business on the agenda was to approve the minutes from the May 28 meeting. A motion was made by Vice President Commissioner John Stender to approve of the minutes, and Commissioner Mike Smith seconded it. The motion was carried. The Fiduciary Report was then given by County Clerk Neil Archer II, and Stender made a motion to approve this. Smith seconded the motion, and it was qiuickly carried.

Following this, E-911 Director Josh Fulks approached commissioners to discuss purchasing the Doak Property on Gorrells Run to becoome the new 911 center. This had been discussed at another meeting, and commissioners had given Fulks permission to look into the property. Fulks reported that the assessed value of the property was $206,900, and the owners were asking for $329,000.

Fulks explained that the home was 3,400 feet upstairs and there was also an unfinished basement with 1,000 feet that could be utilized. Commissioner President Eric Vincent said that they would take this information under advisement.

Sheriff Brian Weigle then joined Fulks in discussion on the purchase of a building to place at the Fairgrounds. Fulks explained that the camper they currently use is falling a part and that they’d like to replace with with a pre-built building that would be placed by the log building during the fair.

Weigle said that this building could make an excellent office for the Fairgrounds. However, Vincent asked that they bring a quote for a building to the next meeting where they could discuss it further.

Smith then brought an update on the LEPC, saying that the last meeting held was on June 6. During this meeting, it was said that the sign grant’s estimated completion was on July 4.

Supplies are still being gathered for the Mass Casulaty Trailer, and Marathon – formerly known as Mark West – reportedly donated five radiation detectors to local fire departments.

Smith also told commissioners that a statement was provided from Dominion in relation to the fire on Bens Run, and in this statement they thanked all the first responders for their hard work.

Dominion reported that it appeared that the fire was caused by a lightning strike, although they were continuing to investigate the cause and how to prevent this in the future.

Stender also brought an update, although his was on the subject of the continuing project at the Tyler County 4-H Grounds. He reported that the Fire Marshal had come to test the new equipment, and instructed them to install pull systems in the new building as well as the Assembly Hall. A represenative was said to be coming on the following Friday to install this as well as a sprinkler system. Stender said that the Fire Marshal’s Office is working with them, and advised them not to cancel 4-H camp.

Stender later mentioned that an anonymous complaint was made to the Department of Environmental Protection saying that workers had “tore up septic tanks” on the 4-H Grounds. However, a contractor came out and looked around and said that everything looked good.

A packet of information and an engineering bid was provided from Ascent Consulting and Engineering, the company that was recommended to Stender to do construction on the new bridge. However, when the packet was opened, there was no bid included. Stender made a motion to table the discussion until he can call and speak with them, and Smith seconded the motion. The motion was carried.

The 2019-2020 Support Contract with GST for the Courthouse Computer Systems was also in need of approval. Vincent explained that the cost of $1,295 a month was approved by the commission in a previous meeting. This was, however, the more official contract according to Vincent. Smith made a motion to approve and sign the contract, and Stender seconded the motion. The motion was carried.

A request for funding had also been submitted for Drug Court/Treatment Court. However, Vincent said that a more formal request was needed. Smith made a motion to table the approval of the funding. Stender seconded the motion, and it was carried.

An agreement to engage services of Thompson and Litton was also needed. Vincent said that the commission had expressed intrest to MOVRC represenative Luke Peters that if the project overruns for the Broadband Project, they would like this company to come back, and the company did come back. The total amount of the extended contract as consultant advisors was for services not to exceed $15,000. Peters explained that this is contingent upon receiving the Reconnect funding. As such, this money will not be coming from commissioners, but instead the funds received through this grant. Stender made a motion to approve of the extended contract, Smith seconded it, and the motion was carried.

Peters, who was also in attendance, then updated them on the Broadband project. He said that the 50/50 grant deadline was June 21, but that they were aiming to have it finished early the following week. He also told commissioners that the USDA would have to conduct physical testing, but construction could begin as early as next year if they receive the necessary funds. However, Peters explained that he couldn’t say for sure.

Approval was then needed for Mary Ann Claytor to prep the 2019 Financial Statement. Vincent explained that Claytor previously worked for the State Auditor’s Office, and has done this for the past four years. The fee for her work is a flat fee of $2,500, which was said to be well worth the pay. A motion was made by Stender to approve of this, and Smith seconded it. The motion was carried.

In other business, two contracts were provided for commissioners from WYK Masonry for work in the courthouse. Both contracts were reportedly reviewed by Prosecuting Attorney Luke Furbee who had made the necesssary changes.

The first contract involved starting the design work. Vincent explained that they would not start work, but the contract only covered planning for the project. This includes work on the HVAC systems, electrical systems, plumbing systems, interior finishes, elevator, upgrades, and various other items. Smith made a motion to approve of the contract, and Stender seconded it. The motion was carried.

The second contract involved the masonry. It was said that they had previously approved the bid, however this contract was formalizing things in order to get the project started. Vincent said that the total cost was about $230,000. Stender made a motion to approve of the contract, and Smith seconded it. The motion was carried.

Tyler County Emergency Manager Tom Cooper submitted the re-appointments to LEPC to the commissioners for approval. As Smith was included in this, he stepped out of the room due to a conflict of interest. The nominees for this are as follows: Mike Smith, Tina Rush from Marathon (formerly Mark West), Beth Beaver, Cameron Stover with Eureka Mid Stream, Vic Twiman, Jo Anese, Don Collins, Greg Dotson, Josh Mankimble with Tyler County Schools, Sam Myers with Antero, Michael Connors and Mike Walker with Air Evac, Jesse Haught with American Red Cross, Alfred Tuttle, and Carol Cecil with Wetzel County Home Care.

Stender made a motion to approve of the nominees, and it was carried.

In other business, Peters introduced Jim Martin – President and CEO of CityNet – to the commissioners. He told commissioners that he had taken Martin around to show him the route, and that they were going to be attending a meeting with the TCDA later that day to continue planning. Peters said that the project and the relationship with City Net would, in his opinion, be a good benefit for the county.

Martin told commissioners that a big problem in West Virginia is the lack of Broadband, but the core problem is the lack of infastructure. He explained that they are looking to build fiber from the perimeter of Clarksburg down Route 50, then to follow Route 18 through Middlebourne and to Sistersville. This line would all be fiber optic based, and as such the environment won’t have much affect on it. According to Martin, they are looking to serve businesses and residents within 1,000 feet, and the service would be 1,000 megs. Martin also told commissioners that it is about $35 to $40 a mile to build. He explained that his company does this daily, and as such the plan will be easy to execute, but the funds are needed.

Smith noted that the price per foot was not bad, and questioned about different ways to get this service to end users – those who live on the edge of the service, and getting the service to them would cost the company more money than they’d receive. Martin said that Phase One of this project is just to get the core backbone established, and that they could discuss ways to get to end users more in depth later as they will be able to expand later.

Peters then reminded commissioners that Tyler County will own the fiber, and City Net will only operate it. As such, there will be more opportunities for future applications.

Following these discussions, the commissioners reviewed all budget revisions. Stender made a motion to approve of the revisions, and Smith seconded it. The motion was carried. Stender then made a motion to approve of the bills. Smith seconded it, and the motion was carried.

Stender made a motion to adjourn the June 11 meeting, and Smith seconded it. The motion was carried. The Tyler County Commission will hold their next regular meeting on June 25 at 9 a.m.