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In Defense of Freedom

By Staff | Jun 5, 2019

By Emily Lancaster

The following essay was written by Tyler Consolidated High School senior Emily Lancaster, and was submitted to the Adam R. Kelly Memorial Scholarship Award scholarship committee. Lancaster was later announced as the recipient of this award.

You have probably thought about the freedoms we have in this country. But have you ever sat down and thought about what goes into securing your freedom? Why you have so many liberties and different rights? So many people sacrifice for the greater good so that everyone else can have the freedom we all know and love. Some people take everything they have in their life for granted. Many don’t realize the things that have gone into being able to have the freedoms we have.

The younger generations in the United States aren’t educated enough on how our country was founded. They know that the military keeps them safe, and they are the reason that we can enjoy the lifestyles we live. But do they know the time and effort put into keeping us safe, all the sacrifices our generals, captains, and even the new recruits have made? People tend to take the things they have for granted because they don’t know the things that people have done.

Part of the reason we have the freedoms we do is because of our ever-growing military, and the technological advancements that are happening every day. Our military is devoted to keeping this country safe, and letting the people inhabiting it have the things they want to have. Military men and women put their lives on the line so that their families and strangers alike don’t have to worry about losing their privileges.

I think men and women between the ages 18-26 should serve at least two years in the United States military so they can find out what freedom is all about.

This way they will have the experience to possibly go to different countries that don’t have the same freedom we have, and they will see that what we have is so very special. Once their two years are up, hopefully those people will finally realize what freedom really is. People who have served their two years will be able to come home, advocate for what they believe in, while being able to help other people advocate for what they believe in as well. Being able to serve the two years would allow men and women alike to know how much effort and sacrifices are put into our everyday lives.

Being able to know what goes into making our everyday lives so special will put into perspective what we need to do in our communities to make it better. By standing up for what you believe in, helping other people, speaking up when you see wrong doing, you are defending freedom. As American citizens, it is not only our right, but our duty.

Be thankful for the men and women who keep us safe and free, for the lives we have lost throughout the years, and be thankful for the leaders who helped shape this country. Without them, we wouldn’t be the country we are today, we wouldn’t be able to live the lives we are today, and we wouldn’t be the nation that we are today. Take pride in this country we have earned it.