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Tyler County Commission Meeting Held

By Staff | May 22, 2019

Tyler County Commission met on April 23 for a regular meeting. The session began with Commissioner Mike Smith making a motion to approve the minutes from the April 9 regular meeting. Commissioner John Stender seconded this, and the motion was carried. Following this, approval was also needed for the minutes from the Laying of the Levy Meeting on April 16. This was granted with a motion made by Stender and seconded by Smith. The motion was carried. County Clerk Neil Archer II then gave the Fiduciary Report, which was approved after a motion made by Stender and seconded by Smith.

In other business, Commissioner Eric Vincent told his fellow commissioners that the insurance with WVCoRP was in need of renewal. He explained that total coverage for the upcoming year from July 1 of 2019 to July 1 of 2020 would include property, general liability, law enforcement liability, public officials liability, automobile coverage, crime coverage, cyber risk, and workers compensation. The total policy for the year is $83,369. Stender made a motion to approve of the renewal, Smith seconded it, and the motion was carried.

A letter of funding was submitted by the Tyler County Public Service District in regards to the Centerville/Alma Water Project. It was said that they are working towards fixing the water issues in the county, and had requested assistance for this year and a follow-up for the coming year.

Vincent said that $268,000 was approved and put in the budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year, and the subject will be brought to commissioners attention again on the next budget year. Stender made a motion to approve the letter. Smith seconded it, and the motion was carried.

Also seeking approval was Middlebourne EMS for their purchase of a new ambulance. While the squad has already taken the first, necessary steps to acquire this vehicle, they needed commissioners to sign a letter in order to receive a better interest rate in municipal loaning. Smith made a motion to sign the letter, and Stender seconded it. The motion was carried. Vincent also reminded all present that Middlebourne EMS would still have the levy money available to them.

Smith informed all in attendance that the Route 18 Water Project has 1,000 feet of line on Friendly Hill, and that they will begin putting meters in soon. He said that work is moving along in a quick manner.

Following Smith’s update, Stender brought an update on the bridge at the 4-H Grounds. In a previous meeting Stender had reported that work needed to be done on this bridge for safety reasons. He told his fellow commissioners that he discussed this issue with a represenative with Applied Construction Solutions, and they contacted an engineering firm. A represenative with this firm reportedly said that if they are planning to build a bridge, they would get a better price if they bought the bridge themselves.

Discussion was said to continue on this subject.

Stender also discussed the asbestos abatement at the County Home. It was said that there were three areas downstairs containing asbestos, however they are not concentrated so it’s not a large issue. Stender said that that they have yet to receive a bid or an official report on this subject. It was also mentioned that the County Home has electrical services still inside, and that they would be removed in the near future.

He then brought an update on the work at the 4-H Grounds. Stender reported that the Assembly Hall would be finished that day, and that an Open House would be held on May 5 from 2 to 4 p.m. for those wishing to view it. He also announced that the boys dorm had been primed, and painting would be done that day as well. It was said that only “finish work” and outside work still needed done.

In other business, Luke Peters from MOVRC told commissioners that he previously met with the Public Service District, and said that they approved the invoices for Drawdown 9. The amount approved for the Small Cities Block Grant was $4,708.65, $50,977.48 to Stonegrant Construction, and $2,536.90 to MOVRC. It was also said that the total amount for the Small Citites Block Grant was $58,223.03.

Approval was needed for this drawdown for the Route 18 South Water Project. Smith made a motion to approve, and Stender seconded it. The motion was carried. Peters then said that the work was over 80 percent complete.

Discussion was then held on the Broadband Grant. Peters explained that Thompson and Litton are continuing to work on a final report and proposal for the ReConnect Grant in order to provide countywide Broadband. He also said that board members of the Econimic Development Authority met with Citynet in Bridgeport in regards to this subject.

Peters reminded commissioners that when the assessment was done, there was talk about using the Klondike Tower. However, he explained that there is already internet service in that tower from Citynet, although it only serves the gas and oil industry. As such, he said that there will be a cost savings to work with them. Peters also informed the commissioners that the proposed understanding from Citynet should be given at the meeting being held on the following Thursday.

Following this, Sheriff Brian Weigle told commissioners of an issue the courthouse is facing. He said that computers in the building are continuously crashing, and that the issue is getting progressively worse. While a company re-cabled the courthouse and said it should fix all issues, employees reported that it did not work.

Stender suggested that they bring in all represenatives from each of the companies involved with the issues with the computer, and have a discussion to find and solve the issue.

It was then said that work on the flooring of the Personal Property Office will begin the following Thursday.

Following this, Stender made a motion to enter into an Executive Session with Weigle. Smith seconded it, and the motion was carried.

The Tyler County Commission will meet again on May 14 at 9 a.m.