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Tyler County 4-H Camp Held Open House

By Staff | May 15, 2019

Pictured from left to right is Harley Stewart, Haley Stewart, Connie Stewart, and Miss Tyler County Fair Kellsi Anderson. These individuals were available on May 5.


Staff Writer

The Tyler County 4-H Farm and Community unveiled the changes and improvements made to the Tyler County 4-H Camp and its structures in an open house held on May 5. Camp staff that were available on site gave interested citizens tours of the remodeled rooms and buildings.

Some improvements made were in the Assembly Hall, the Girls Dorm, and the Boys Dorm. It was said that contributors that made the improvements to this camp possible were the Tyler County Commissioners, the Stealey Green Grant, the Olive Barth Grant, all donations, and the Tyler County 4-H Leaders.

These changes are described as a beneift for 4-H’ers and the community in any way involved with this camp. It was also said that these improvements should make camp rentals easier, and will provide up-to-date amenities that will make visitors feel at home in the facilities.

Pictured is the outside of the Assembly Hall, and the new air conditioning and heating units.

The Assembly Hall on the 4-H grounds was given new flooring, new walls and trim, new curtains, Wainscoating, an updated bathroom, and air conditioning and heating was also installed. It was said that in the future, an electric fireplace will be installed, new doors will be put in, and painting will be done.

The groups conducting these improvements also accomplished the following things in the Girls Dorm: painting was done, air conditioning and heating was installed, and new bunk beds and mattresses were placed in the cabin. Two hot water tanks will also be installed in the future.

The Boys Dorm was completly redone with separate rooms for the boys – one for older boys and one for the younger ones. In this dorm, two bathrooms were installed, a nurses station was created, air conditioning and heating was put in, and city water was also installed. The future of this dorm will see sidewalks all around the building, bunk beds for campers, and curtains and rods for all the windows.

Improvements that are also to be conducted in the future is further ground improvement, installation of a city water line, an updated parking lot, bathrooms installed at the picnic shelter, boat docks, tile for the dining hall floor, coverage over the Assembly Hall steps, installation of a drain under the steps, porches for both cabins, updates on the bridge, and other details will be done to bring the camp up to code and regulations. All of the aforementioned projects are said to help contribute to making the grounds a “home away from home” and far more enjoyable for guests. However, all of these improvements will only be possible through grants and donations.

“We always need volunteers and donations to keep the Tyler County 4-H Camp alive and running for the future.” Connie Stewart – Treasurer/Reporter with the Tyler County 4-H Farm and Community – said. She explained that 4-H is a program that always needs a “helping hand” in order to provide support to the children of the community and those to come in the future.

It was said that for those wishing to provide support to the 4-H and the camp grounds, the following can be done: encourage 4-H’ers to work hard, volunteer for two to three hours a week in order to clean or complete projects at the camp, help with fundraisers, and make donations.

Although work continues on the grounds and its structures, visitors at the open house reportedly were pleased with changes and improvements made at the camp.