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Tyler LEPC Meeting Is Held

By Staff | May 8, 2019

Businesses, Volunteers, Media, School Personnel, Sheriff’s Department, First Responders, County Commission and others met on Thursday, May 2, for the regular scheduled monthly LEPC meeting at the Tyler County Senior Building in Middlebourne.

The speaker for the May meeting was Eric Peters Director of the Tyler County Development Authority. Peters gave a detailed update on the progress of the Tyler County Broadband Project. Peters said at this point they are working to secure funding for the project through available Grants. He told the group there is about $200 million dollars available with competition from other areas. The Authority only needs about $3 million to complete service for the entire county and according to Peters there is good chance the Authority can get the money through a 50/50 loan grant where they would make payments but would not have to come up with any money up front.

Peters said once the project is complete the entire county should have access to internet service. Peters said the Authority has got the green light from the county commission to move forward with the project which would make the Authority the owner of service which they would lease out to providers to cover the cost of the loan.

He spoke about the need for county wide service to make Tyler County an attractive place for businesses to locate. Without broadband he said the county would fall or stay behind the rest of the state. He said they would be doing some testing to make sure current providers are providing reliable service. Peters said support for the project has been universal. The Development Authority has been working on the project and will soon be applying for grant funds to get started.

Under Grants Cooper said the Breathing air compressor has been received but they are waiting for the vendor to install the power cable, he said the trailer that houses the compressor was used in a recent structure fire. He mentioned ERB electric will wire the compressor to run from the big generator and each individual compartment will also be wired.

Cooper said the 2019 Search and Rescue Training Grant and has funded training for over 90 students and instructors. There training has been extended for an additional two weeks due to interest. It’s a 47 hour class which includes a night in the wilderness with the students own shelter.

Cooper mentioned the Sheriff’s generator has been installed and tested. While testing the power went out and the generator kicked right on, so it’s good to go. The new LED Signs to be located at the entrance to the county have arrived and are at the vendor’s in Weirton. Work on the project is progressing and the estimated completion date is the end of May.

The Homeland security grant for 2019 is being applied for and will include funds for an inflatable boat and funds for additional training.

Cooper said the first weekend of NASAR FUNSAR training went well with 15 students participating. The training will finish May 10-12. May field training will be included in the last weekend of FUNSAR training. Stop the Bleed Training is moving forward with plans to do the training at the school May 28 and will include the entire school faculty. The Search and Rescue (SAR) team has been invited to present a navigation class to the Mid-Ohio Valley Technical Institute (MOVTI) on May 8.

Amanda Kimble from Tyler Consolidated High School presented the LEPC with an update on the school’s crisis planning. She said they met on Tuesday, April 30, and are making plans to bring in speakers, and

are planning active shooter training. She also spoke about a new senate bill which will help the schools. She said they are requiring classroom window numbers to correspond with classroom door numbers. Other measures of protection are being considered.

Cooper said there is a lot of planning to do including Health and Medical and Mass Casualty. He said the oil and gas responders roundtable discussion meeting would be held directly after this meeting. Work on an exercise utilizing the Mass Casualty trailer and Annex G for 2019 should include medical and mass casualty training. Also planned is a tabletop with Sistersville General Hospital and Hospice.

Projects the group is working on include the Mass Casualty trailer and seeking funds for medical supplies with would be at least $7,500. Cooper said he wants to update the LEPC email list and noted Mark West Company is assisting with radiation detectors for the fire departments. He also said MOVTI is in need of old law enforcement equipment for training purposes.

Breakfast for Thursday’s meeting was provided by Proviron Industries. Breakfast for the April meeting was provided by First Energy.