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Sistersville Levy Passes During Special Election

By Staff | May 8, 2019

The city of Sistersville held a Special Levy Election on April 23 with the goal of obtaining additional funds for the Sistersville Park and Pool, Sistersville Public Library, Sistersville Volunteer Fire Department, and the Sistersville Street Department. While each entity was already supported by a municipal levy, it was stated in a notice released by the city that the current levies “will not provide sufficent funds for the payment of current expenses of Sistersville.”

Mayor Bill Rice had said that without the extra funds, the Park and Pool as well as the library would be unable to sustain itself. As such, Sistersville residents were urged to participate by casting a ballot in favor of the Levy Renewal.

Much to the delight of the city, the levy was renewed with a 70-21 vote.

Rice said, “I want to thank everyone for going out and voting for this levy, because it will help keep the library and the park and pool open, not to mention the Fire Department and the Street Department.”