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All Tyler Consolidated Bands Earn ‘Superior’ Ratings

By Staff | Apr 17, 2019

Tyler consolidated high school band

The Tyler Consolidated Bands had a very successful couple of days at the 79th Annual Region I Band Festival on April 9th and 10th. All three Tyler Consolidated Bands received superior ratings from each of the three judges: the high school band, the 7th and 8th grade band, and the 6th grade band. This event is sponsored by the West Virginia Bandmasters Association and the Secondary Schools Activities Commission. It is a required performance by the SSAC. The Region I Band Festival is held at John Marshall High School with Mrs. Tracey Filben, JMHS Band Director serving as the festival director and coordinator. The purpose of the festival is to promote education through music and to encourage participation in and appreciation of instrumental music in the public schools.

Each band performs two selections chosen from the West Virginia Graded Music List. The judges then consider the quality of the performance in regard to the following musical elements: tone, intonation, ensemble effect, interpretation, and technique. Other factors considered are instrumentation, choice of music, stage deportment, and appearance. Following the performance, the judges assign a rating to the band with these factors in mind, giving each category an A, B, C, or D. The West Virginia plan of adjudication uses a five rating plan with the following descriptions: I (Superior), II (Excellent), III (Good), IV (Fair), and V (Poor). For the TCHS Band, this was the 26th consecutive year that they earned superior ratings. This includes each year since the school opened in 1993.

What’s more the TCHS Band and the TCMS 7th and 8th Grade Band both received A’s in each of the subcategories used to determine the overall rating on both pieces from all three judges.

This is a very difficult to achieve and means that these two bands received the highest ratings possible for this festival. In addition, the TCMS 6th Grade Band (who also received overall “superior” ratings from all three judges) was the only 6th grade band in our region to participate in the festival.

Judges serving at the Region I Band Festival were: Mark Hardman (director of bands at George Washington High School in Charleston), John Hendricks (former director of bands at West Virginia University), and Blaine Hess (superintendent of schools in Jackson County and former director of bands at George Washington High School).

The TCMS 6th Grade Band performed: The Soaring Spirit (Rob Grice) and Stonehenge (Michael Story). Members of the TCMS 6th Grade Band are: Sunshine Murphy, Mackinsey Thomas (Flute); Abby Eddy, Aislinn Franks, Nicole Stoller, Rebecca Tenney, Braelyn Whaley, William Wirth, (Clarinet); Haydon Ammons, Katie Ash, Cooper Clayton, Terri Doig, Aidan Forrester, Ava Gorrell (Alto Saxophone); Luke Deaton, Bridget Doak, Rulena Dudley, Selene Holcomb, Isaac Jackson, Colin Kile, Hunter Lamp, Abigail Stanaland (Trumpet); Jesse Bland, Nate Deaton, Caramia McCoy, Mackenzie Henthorn, Colby Nichols (Trombone); Gabe Jackson (Euphonium); Tripp Perine (Tuba); Zayd Al-Janaby, Trent Baker, Jaden Ebert, Jordan Krajcovic, Elias Smith, Nate Stollings, Regan Stover, Beau Thomas, Trenton Webster.

TCMS 7th and 8th Grade Band performed: Fire Dance (Jerry Williams) and Pevensey Castle (Robert Sheldon). These two pieces are rated at a difficulty level of III on a scale of I-VI; Level III is considered very difficult for a middle school band. Members of the 7th and 8th Grade Band are: Kashia Brown, Emily Ebert, Trinity Kanz, Raylynn Roberts, Hayden Montgomery, Aubrey Smith, Hailey Tanner, Trevor Wise, (Flute); Autumn Shepherd, Harley Morrison, Elizabeth Paden, Simone Turner (Clarinet); Gwen Jacenkiw, Madison Lovejoy, Mallory Westbrook, Gavin Dennis, Owen Westbrook, (Alto Saxophone); Carlee Dye, Maleah Weber (Tenor Saxophone); Emily Gorby, Grace Howell, Havannah Lemasters, Mason Nichols, Brody Seckman, Kaci Shanabarger, Savana Forrester, Lilly Nice, Bella Throckmorton, (Trumpet); Analeigh Hakes, Austin VanCamp, Aiden Swan, (French Horn); Jesse Griffith, Peyton Hayes, Abbigail Kimble, Kaylee Haught, Braeden Wall, (Trombone) Landen Miller, Chandler Ash, (Euphonium); Sydney Deaton (Baritone Saxophone); Kellen Franks, Harley Yeater, (Tuba); Zayd Al-Janaby, Trenton Baker, Elias Haught, Regan Stover, Nate Stollings, Jaden Ebert, Jordan Krajovic, Beau Thomas, Trenton Webster (Percussion).

The TCHS Band performed: Into the Clouds! (Richard L. Saucedo), and Where the Sun Breaks Through The Mist (Michael Sweeney). Members of the TCHS Band are: Emily Jackson, Abigail Ebert, Madeline Cecil, Madeline Tarnecki, (Flute); Brianna Wade, Maddie Ice, Abby Ice, Sadie Nichols, (Clarinet); Savannah Ferrell (Bass Clarinet); Samantha Barnhart, Logan Wade (Alto Saxophone); Anna Griffith (Tenor Saxophone); Nachelle Probst, Shauna Riggs, Jeremiah Boley, Jarrett Ice, (Trumpet); Makenzie Hakes, (French Horn); Hadyn Brown, Jason Stanaland, Ayden Hoover, (Trombone); Jackson Kibbey (Euphonium); Matthew Riddle (Tuba); George Kester, Shawn Jones, Isaac Melvin, Kimmy Owens, Anna Grimes, Garrett Freeland, (Percussion).

The Tyler Consolidated Bands are under the direction of Matt Jennings.

The TCMS Band Spring Concert will be Friday, May 10th while the TCHS Band will have their Spring Concert on Tuesday, May 14th.