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Dominion Energy Gives Update on Crude Oil

By Staff | Mar 20, 2019

Residents within the Meadville community were left without a reliable source of heat during frigid weather from March 2-8. This came as a result of crude oil being found in Dominion’s gas lines.

Dominion was said to be “accommodating” to the affected residents, providing them with “bottled gas” to run their furnaces. However, these tanks were said to freeze when temperatures dropped or run out of gas, rendering them without heat once again.

In a previous interview, a representative with Dominion reported this substance entered the line as a result of work on a nearby well. However, Samantha Norris – Media Relations with Dominion Energy – further explained the well that caused this issue was not owned by Dominion. Norris said that Dominion is not considered a production company in West Virginia.

Once this issue was reported, Dominion began work with the owner of the well in order to fix the issue.

Norris said all affected homes were given the bottled gas by Saturday evening on March 2, which provided a temporary gas service. When speaking of the issues with the gas tanks, she said the cold temperatures did cause a suspension in service. However, Norris said Dominion was quick to respond by bringing in a “war wagon” from Madison, West Virginia, which is a mobile distribution center that works to fill the bottles.

Dominion was spurred into action quickly as they sympathized with their customers predicament and wanted to restore heat to these homes in a timely manner. However, it was said crude oil is difficult to eradicate, and as such, the gas was predicted to be restored to the six affected homes by March 11 or 12. Despite this, Norris reported Dominion had restored gas to all customers on March 8, which was ahead of the predicted schedule.

Before reintroducing gas into the homes, Dominion first replaced the affected line and inspected every affected home’s appliances for safety reasons. Norris said this is typical procedure for Dominion whenever gas service is interrupted, whether it’s planned or not.

After a technician checked each home, it was determined no appliances were affected by the crude oil. It was also said a technician would again visit all homes in order to be sure that everything has continued to run properly. Norris explained how Dominion takes extra measures to ensure safety and satisfactory service for its customers; she said Dominion’s main priority is that not even one customer will feel as if they are unheard or not valued.