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Tyler Restoration Committee Gives Back to the Community

By Staff | Mar 13, 2019

Photo by Maddisen Eidel The Tyler County Restoration Committee distributes funding to various Tyler County organizations.

The Tyler County Restoration Committee was a cause dedicated to preserving the County Home, and had been raising money to do this for nearly two years. However, after being asked to back down from its efforts, the committee decided to return the money donated to the cause to the original donors. Unfortunately, not all donors were able to be found as some had anonymously donated through various functions held by the committee. Out of approximately $29,000 raised for the preservation of the County Home, $24,770 was left.

As a result of this, the Tyler County Restoration Committee decided to distribute the leftover funds to various entities in Tyler County. The entities chosen were selected by a board, separate from the committee.

Entities chosen to receive $1,000 each are as follows:

The beneficiaries of $1,000 each are as follows: Sistersville Elementary School, Arthur I. Boreman Elementary School, Friendly Community Center, Alvy Community Center, Alma Grange, Joseph’s Mills Community Center, James Willison Center (Sistersville), Stealey Greene Center, Tyler County Fairgrounds’ Log Building, Tyler County 4-H Building, Sistersville Public Library, Tyler County Public Library (Middlebourne), Paden City Community Building (owned by the Paden City Development Authority), Tyler Rod & Gun Club, Sistersville Volunteer Fire Department’s Recreation Room, Alma VFD’s Recreation Room, Middlebourne VFD’s Recreation Room, Sistersville Ferryboat, Shirley VFD’s Recreation Room, Stealey Cemetery, Tyler County Senior Citizens’ building, Tyler County Museum, Ross Run School, Williamson Log Cabin.

The Shirley Community Building was originally selected to receive $1,000; however, it was later learned that the group in charge of the building is unable to fulfill its endeavor to upkeep the building. Therefore, the Shirley VFD’s Recreation Room was selected as a beneficiary instead.

The final $770 was allotted to the Middlebourne United Methodist Church Friendship Center.

It was previous noted that a sum of $1,000 was given to each of the elementary schools in the county, due to the schools’ previous fundraising efforts for the County Home.

On Monday, March 4, the president of the former Tyler County Restoration Committee – Peggy George – was present at Union Bank in Middlebourne at 10 a.m. in order to officially distribute the checks. While not every place chosen was able to have a representative present, the checks will still be made available to them at a later date.With the donations to the above-mentioned entities, the Tyler County Restoration Committee’s bank account was cleared.

George was happy to hand out the remaining funds to entities that reflect a love for the community and had previously thanked everyone who donated in anyway toward the Restoration Committee’s cause.