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Dian River Plaza Work Sees Success

By Staff | Mar 13, 2019

Jenkins Auto Parts has been a part of the Middlebourne community since 1985, and was previously housed in the old feed store in Middlebourne. However, owner Scott Jenkins explained the area was prone to flooding, and thus, the decision was made to move the parts store to an area with less risk.

Jenkins said there weren’t many considerable options in Middlebourne where the business could be moved; the option of the abandoned building near Witscheys was considered. The Jenkins family “struck a deal” with the owner of said building and, after a year, was finally able to officially move into the new location on December 3, 2018. The building was named The Dian River Plaza.

Jenkins described the process of purchasing, restoring, and opening The Dian River Plaza as a lot hard work. He said a large amount of time and money was required to finish the building and make it suitable for business. Among the necessary work, required for operation of the plaza, was the structure itself needing to be finished, and concrete needed to be poured. However, Jenkins said while the structure is ready for business, work will continue in the Spring on the parking lot.

In order to be able to continue payments on the sizeable building, the Jenkins family opened the Jenkins Sub Express inside the plaza. This restaurant offers a selection of subs, pizza, and soups to the community, among other menu items. The business was said to be fairly popular among the locals and has continued to grow.

Also available in The Dian River Plaza is Jackie Jeffers’ Creative Image Hair Salon and Nails, and Small Town Gymnastics. Jenkins reported there is still one retail space available for lease, and three office spaces are also open. Jenkins expressed his desire for a pharmacy to be established within the plaza, as one is needed in the Middlebourne area. However, he reported there seems to be no interest from nearby pharmacies at the present time.

When asked about business, Jenkins expressed that all businesses in the plaza are prospering. He explained the community has supported all businesses in their move and in each of their endeavors, and said he is grateful for it.

Jenkins believes not only was this purchase and subsequent move a smart business choice for the Jenkins family and their businesses, but also for those looking to open their own places, and for the community as well. It has opened up new job opportunities, created space for other businesses to join in, and has brought new options to the Middlebourne area as well.

Jenkins invites all in the community and surrounding areas to stop in and see what The Dian River Plaza has to offer.