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By Staff | Mar 6, 2019

Just 11 more weeks to go until “SHS Greek Week,” celebrating our 120th anniversary! SHS Alumni President, David Rial, and his officers, Jaime Howard-Hissam and Lisa Wood-Williamson are busy planning events and working on decorations for the weekend of May 24-25, 2019. Dr. Thomas E. Menighan, Class of 1969, will be the keynote speaker at this year’s banquet. We also have two class speakers already lined up for chapel, Ronnie Lathey for the Class of ’69 and Jeff Evans for the Class of ’84.

Nominations are being accepted for Distinguished Alumni 2019. Nominations are required to be in biography format and may be given to any alumni officer or mailed to SHSAA, PO Box 81, Sistersville, WV 26175, prior to the March 31st deadline. The winner(s) will be inducted into the SHS Hall of Fame during Chapel.

This week we step back in time to honor the Class of 1939. This class graduated 80 years ago on May 10, 1939. Graduation was originally set for May 22nd, but a money shortage moved the graduation to the earlier date. Valedictorian for the Class of 1939 was Philip Webb with Peggy Sutton as Salutatorian. The Class of ’39 had many “firsts” during their four years at Sistersville High School. The band had formed in 1934, but the first drum major, Neil Tennant, was from the class of ’39. The Class of 1939 had 11 members in the band. It was during their years at SHS the first uniforms were purchased at a cost of $640 through the efforts of the Kiwanis and Sistersville Women’s Clubs. In 1936 one of the highest floods on record completely covered the football field. Sistersville had two floods during the school year in ’36. While the annual Turkey Day Classic Football Game had been played against rival Magnolia since at least 1909 (and maybe before as SHS had football teams starting in 1902), it was the Class of 1939 that broke a 23-year losing streak with a 20-13 victory. The class went on a tour of the West Virginia Penitentiary. One of their classmates was an inmate at the time for the crime of breaking and entering to one of Sistersville’s drug stores. (We hope a first and last on that one!). And if you think the Class of 1939 was done, this class was the first in SHS history to have a golf and tennis team. Plus, two senior girls from the class of 1939 were the first majorettes in the band.

The Class of 1939: Emoleen Martin, Mary McWilliams, Wilma Mendenhall, Agnes Ann Merryman, Lilly Miller, Charles Henry Neuhardt, Ruth Reynolds, Ila Schau, Jim Silk, Van Slider, Naomi Clegg, Janet Doig, Dolly Farley, Helen Fidler, Helen Forsley, Warren Franklin, Ila Franklin, Paul Gist, Hazel Griffith, Coulson Smith, Mary Smith, Betty Smythe, Susan Smythe, Susan Stephan, Marguerite Smith, Mary Sutherland, Peggy Sutton, Neil Tennant, Martha Thistle, Bill Tuttle, Mabel Archer, William Ash, Kenneth Ash, Vaughn Brewer, John Boggs, Nelson Brown, Harry Buchanan, Marjorie Carson, John Case, Margaret Case, Mary Wagner, Martha Ward, Juanita Williamson, Joe McIntyre, Pat Wright, Margaret Young, Phillip Webb, Eunice Hadley, Warren Heintzman, Denzil Hess, Virginia Ice, Arlene Inbody, Edward Kehrer, Raymond Lambert, Elva Lathey, John Loman, James McGunken, Ethel Brookover, Marjorie Buck, James Dietrich, Ernest Flanagan, Harold Griffin, Kenneth Hissom, Mary Johnson, Elinor Livingston, John N. Martin, Clair Pryor, Gordon Reed, Lenora Richards, Herbert Shreves, Claribel Shriver, Betty Shriver, Earl Sine, Arnold Soliday, and Margaret Mercer.

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