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Meadville Residences’ Gas Service Affected

By Staff | Mar 6, 2019

EDIT: MARCH 11, 3:07 P.M. — Meadville residents reportedly have their service restored, with dryers. Those should reportedly be removed sometime during the summer.

Residences in Meadville have been without gas for several days due to the presence of crude oil in Dominion gas lines.

According to a Tyler County resident who reached out to this newspaper, the residents of the small Tyler County community have been without gas since early Saturday morning, March 2.

Bob Orndorf — Dominion State Policy Director of West Virginia — confirmed the outage. He said work on a nearby well was the cause of the presence of crude oil in the Meadville lines. Orndorf explained the oil got into the Dominion lines, and pressure caused the oil to move into residences’ meters.

The company has supplied those affected with what it calls “bottled gas” in order to operate furnaces and keep warm as the weather continues to dip into single digits. However, the same above-mentioned individual, who asked to remain anonymous, said the tanks often cease working when temperatures drop too low. The individual also said there can be a long wait time for a replacement tank. Due to the above-mentioned struggles with the bottled gas, it was reported some elderly residents have been without heat for more than 12 hours.

Dominion plans to make the necessary repairs and clean the pipes so that the gas can be turned back on as quickly as possible. However, Orndorf explained that crude oil can be tough to clean out. As such, it was predicted that residents will have gas once again by March 11 or 12. In the meantime, Dominion plans to continue to supply gas tanks to those in need.

The above-mentioned individual stated there was crude oil under one of the affected residences, and that fumes had penetrated the inside of the residence. However, there was uncertainty in regards to damages to any appliances and the furnace of the home and the others.

Orndorf said six residences were affected by the outage. He said although Dominion is currently unaware of any damaged appliances, all meters affected were replaced for no charge to the residents.

The individual the Tyler Star News communicated with stated Dominion has been “accommodating” and has taken samples, collected gas meters, and shut off contaminated gas lines to homes and the Meadville Mall, but residents would like Dominion to be more open concerning the repair status.

Orndorf explained that Dominion is doing all that it can in order to resolve this matter and bring gas back to the area.