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Tyler County Board of Education Addresses Calendar

By Staff | Feb 27, 2019

A Calender Hearing was held at the Tyler County Board of Education Office on Feb. 18 at 6:30 p.m. Tyler County Superintendent Robin Daquilante and board members Larry Thomas, PJ Wells, Dave Roberts, Katrina Byers, and Linda Hoover were all in attendance. This meeting was held in order to discuss the 2019-2020 school year schedules for Tyler County. Daquilante explained the board is required by law to have two public Calender Hearings a year, and this year’s calender is similar to last year’s. The Superintendent then gave each board member a calender schedule and explained it to them.

Following this was the regular meeting of the Tyler County Board of Education. This meeting commenced at 7 p.m. in order to discuss matters concerning the county and its students. In attendance were all board members, Superintendent Daquilante, Jeff Davis, Roseanne Eastham, and Commissioner John Stender.

The first order of business handled was the approval of the minutes from the Feb. 4 regular board meeting and the Feb. 11 special meeting. Wells made a motion to approve the minutes; Roberts seconded it, and the motion was carried.

Byers then made a motion for the board to enter into an Executive Session in order to discuss private personnel matters, and Wells seconded it. The motion was carried, and lasted roughly 15 minutes. The regular session was reconvened with a motion made by Byers and seconded by Roberts.

After the passing of this motion, Rosanne Eastham from the Tyler County Public Library in Middlebourne was invited to speak to the board about what she does and what the library has to offer. Eastham provided board members with a copy of a speech she had previously made, and thanked them for the $23,000 support the board gives.

Eastham also told the board that the town passed a levy that guarantees the library gets $5,000 a year from the town, although she said this levy was supposed to have passed 50 years ago. It was also said the library receives $18,000 in grants from the state. However, Eastham reported they are currently fighting for more.

It was then explained by Eastham that the library has continued to hold Story Hour and Craft Nights. Although the numbers are currently down for these activities, she explained she’s not worried. Eastham said when the number of participants begins to decline, she attends a Meet the Teacher Night and introduces herself to parents, shows them what they offer, and explains safety is a priority to the library. Eastham said the children who attend these events get straight off the bus and go into the library.

However, Eastham said the current bus driver transporting students to the library is dropping them off on Main Street and expressed this is a safety issue. Daquilante told Eastham that she would handle and rectify that situation.

Eastham then provided information on services the Middlebourne Library offers such as a book club, resume help, tax help, and assistance with unemployment. She explained as librarians, they don’t just read and check out books. She said they give assistance to people with any issues they may bring – including help with computers, school projects, and offering copy service.

She also told the board that the library has a program called Books By Mail where, in the event the library does not carry the book a person is looking for, it can be ordered from any library in the state and shipped to them for no cost.

Eastham expressed she does what she can to help community members, and to keep children interested in reading and out of trouble.

Hoover acknowledged that the library does a lot, and board members told Eastham they appreciate all the library does.

Immediately following this presentation, Wells made a motion for the board to enter into an executive session in order to discuss matters involving property. Byers seconded the motion, and it was quickly carried. This session lasted 10 minutes, and the regular session was reconvened by the passing of a motion made by Roberts and seconded by Wells.

Another topic discussed was the minutes from the First Semester Faculty Senate, and the monthly attendance report was provided to the board by Melinda Walton.

Approval was needed for the Architectural and Engineering firm – McKinley Architecture and Engineering – as the approved architect to supervise the completion of the Tyler County Schools Digital 2020-2030 Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plan (CEFP) as required by SBA to be considered for future funding. A motion to approve was made by Wells; Roberts seconded it, and the motion was carried.

The board then began reviewing policies such as the following: EI Food Services Sale of Other Foods and Beverages, EJ Food Service, Free and Reduced, JAF Supervision of Students, JAN Student Records – Access, JAO Student Records – Confidentiality, JJ Reporting of Children Suspected to be Abused or Neglected, JO Use of Body Building Dietary Supplements, JM Manual for Expected Behavior in Safe and Supportive Schools, JV Assembly and Petition, and JW Release of Students to Parent/Custodian. With a motion made by Wells and seconded by Thomas, all policies were passed.

Approval was needed for Tyler Consolidated High School (TCHS) Men’s Soccer 2019-2020. Wells made a motion to approve the schedule, and Thomas seconded it. The motion was carried.

Approval was also needed for the following trip requests: Connie Stewart to take five TCHS students and five TCMS students to compete in several competitions at the State and National levels on March 7-8, Brian Bailey to take the Sistersville Elementary School Choir to TCHS for a dress rehearsal for All-County Choir Concert on March 13, Anna Carpenter to take Arthur I. Boreman Elementary (AIB) Choir to TCHS for the same reason on March 13, Matt Jennings to take band students from grades seven and eight to the WV Music Educators Association’s State Conference at the Charleston Civic Center on either March 7 or 8, and Seth Patterson to take the SADD club student leadership to Camp Dawson in Kingwood to participate in the WV SADD State Conference on March 15-17. Stewart has also requested Professional Leave for herself. Chaperone requests were also made by Stewart to take Haley Stewart, and by Patterson to take Amy Yeater. Bus transportation was also needed by all trips excluding the trip to Camp Dawson.

Wells made a motion to approve of all requests, and Roberts seconded it. The motion was then carried.

Scott Strode requested permission for the Silver Star Athletics to use the gymnasiums at TCMS/TCHS on March 2 and 9 from 10 a.m. until noon in order to conduct baseball skill clinics with all proceeds to TCHS Baseball; they have also assumed clean-up responsibilities. Robert Jones has agreed to over-see this event. In addition to this, Samantha Lemasters requested permission for the MYL to use the TCHS Baseball field for the 14 and under practices and games, lasting through March or July on Sundays. This organization has also agreed to be responsible for clean-up, and JoAnn Seckman has agreed to over-see these events.

Wells made a motion to approve all requests, and Thomas seconded it. The motion was quickly carried.

In other business, personnel matters were then discussed.

Approval of resignations were needed for the following positions: Matthew Yost as substitute custodian countywide effective immediately, Scott Wall as Head Soccer Coach at TCHS effective immediately, Paden Morris as Assistant Soccer Coach at TCHS effective immediately, Amanda Heasley as Assistant Volleyball Coach at TCMS effective immediately, John Knowlton as Secondary Health/Health Fitness Teacher at TCHS by retirement effective June 30, Rebecca Weekley as a second grade teacher at AIB by retirement effective June 30, Becky Barth as a third grade teacher at AIB by retirement effective June 30, and Terry Collins as a school bus operator by retirement effective June 30.

With a motion made by Wells and seconded by Roberts, all aforementioned resignations were approved.

Following this, the board reviewed employments for Toni VanCamp as Head Boys Track Coach at TCMS pending CBI results, Brian Ferrell as Assistant Boys Baseball Coach at TCHS effective immediately, and Michael Foltz as Assistant Girls Track Coach at TCHS effective immediately. Roberts made a motion to approve these requests, and Byers seconded it. The motion was then carried.

In other business, Wells made a motion to authorize payment of bills. Roberts seconded this motion, and it was carried.

The meeting was officially adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

The board will hold their next regular session on March 4 at 6:30 p.m. at the Tyler County Board of Education Office.