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WVNCC To Begin Welding Classes

By Staff | Feb 20, 2019

A meeting was held on Feb. 8 at West Virginia Northern Community College (WVNCC) at 3:30 p.m. in order to discuss changes in the welding classes offered through the college. In attendance was Campus Counselor Ina Robinson, Campus Manager Debbie Bennett, and Advanced Manufacturing Program Director Larry Brown. One welding instructor – Jason Summers – was involved via conference call as well.

Brown said the classes are offered through the college at the Wetzel County Technical Education Center (WCTEC), and the next session will begin on Feb. 28. Classes will be taught by Jason Summers – a high school welding instructor at John Marshall – from 5:30-10:30 p.m. every Thursday.

The welding course will last for eight weeks, and students have the opportunity to gather 40 hours of in-class training.

Summers reported the class will cover many aspects of welding, including initial striking of the arc and practicing on a bend test – which he said is a test administered at many jobs requiring welding skills. This class also offers TIG and MIG welding.

Summers explained because there are certain supplies required for TIG, many people have yet to be exposed to it. He described it as torch welding with electric, and said it’s a good skill to learn.

MIG was also described by Summers, who said these machines are more popular for use at home as it’s easier to grasp; it doesn’t require a large amount of skill, and a variety of welding can be accomplished with MIG.

It was reported there will be 6010 stick – a ten series rod they use in the pipeline industry – and 7018 welding rod, which is a more common structural steel rod.

Summers told those in attendance that these classes cover a broad range and are self-paced, and as such is open to any person regardless if they have experience or not. He also said that those who were enrolled in the previous course are invited to attend again, and said even individuals with 15 years of experience can benefit from this program.

As a result of the increasing demand of jobs requiring basic welding knowledge, those who enroll in and complete this course will be able to take a state certification test. These tests are offered at John Marshall High School, among other areas nearby. Upon passing the test, the certification will last for one year unless employed by the state.

Robinson questioned if 16-year-olds who are also taking these classes will be permitted to take the state certification as well upon completion of the class. Summers told her they will, but would later be required to retest for every job as the certification only tells prospective employers that they can be taught and are capable of passing the test.

However, completion of this class will prepare one to take any basic welding job, and enable them to become efficient in completing various tasks such as repairing a lawn mower or four wheeler.

These welding classes were described as a good opportunity to tune up on skills and practice, but all skill levels are accepted.

Registration begins immediately and lasts until the start of the class on Feb. 28, while positions last. WCTEC has 20 machines available, and the price of the course is $295.

For more information, call Ina Robinson at 304-510-8769.