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Waterline Installed At Clark Ridge

By Staff | Feb 20, 2019

Photos by Maddisen Eidel Pictured is Clark Ridge in Sistersville where the Rt. 18 South Water Project runs through.

As part of the Route 18 South Water Project, waterline is being installed in a small section from Cow House Road to Clark Ridge Road in the town of Sistersville. The residents of this area are currently without city water, and the implementation of these lines will bring that source to them. A representative with the Tyler County Public Service District reported this move will “pick up” 12 new customers, 10 of which are on Clark Ridge.

The community is reportedly excited about this project, and the subsequent access to city water. One resident of Clark Ridge, Dave Wells, explained that drilling wells in order to get water can be costly, and often times the water isn’t drinkable.

Reasons such as this explain why those living in these areas carry such an excitement for this project.

Wells reported that work in his community began in mid-to-late January, and shouldn’t last more than a few months. According to the Tyler County Public Service District, this phase of the Route 18 South Water Project began in early November of 2018, and is expected to end in May 2019.

Notably, the Tyler County Public Service District will be holding a public meeting to complete Income Surveys for potential customers of its Centerville/Alma Water Extension Project.

The new Rt.18 South waterline runs through one Clark Ridge resident’s property.

The meeting will take place on Feb. 21, 6:30 p.m. at The Log Cabin Building at the Tyler County Fairgrounds. Anyone residing in the project area is encouraged to attend the meeting.

This would include anyone who lives along Route 18 from Boreman Elementary School to Centerville/Alma and the surrounding area. It would also include portions of Indian Creek, Route 23, Jefferson Run, Klondike Road and Conaway Run.

The district will also be looking for volunteers to help complete the income surveys of anyone who cannot attend the meeting. There will be someone in attendance to train volunteers. For more information please contact Tina Lancaster at (304) 652-1401 or tinapsd@frontier.com.