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By Staff | Feb 13, 2019

Delbert and Betty Rush got married on July 31, 1954.

There are many famous love stories throughout history. One’s mind typically jumps to “Romeo and Juliet” when thinking of such stories. However, the type of romance shared within this play is hardly the kind to base a relationship off of. If one is looking for a successful relationship to garner wisdom from this Valentine’s Day, then one local couple’s story might offer such assistance.

Delbert and Betty Rush have been married for 64 years, and although their marriage was reported to have its “ups and downs,” the couple is still as in love today as they were on their wedding day.

Their story began on April 29, 1951 when Betty went to spend a weekend at her cousin’s house in New Martinsville. It was then that Delbert and Betty were first introduced to one another. After the two were introduced, Delbert invited Betty and her cousin on an outing, and Betty’s cousin gladly accepted.

This outing took place at a drive-in theater, and afterwards Delbert took the two to get something to eat. Although Betty reported that they had a good time, the two would not communicate for another year. This was largely due to Delbert being involved in a car accident a week later.

The accident was said to be terrible, and Delbert spent the next year in the hospital. It was because Betty didn’t know Delbert very well at the time that the two never spoke within the timeframe he was in hospital recovering. However, Delbert recovered and just a few months after his release from the hospital, Delbert found Betty’s contact information and sent her a letter, asking her out on a date. Betty accepted, and by 1953, the two were officially dating.

Delbert and Betty on their 50 year anniversary.

On July 31, 1954, Delbert and Betty said, “I do,” at the altar and became Mr. and Mrs. Rush. Betty described their marriage as wonderful despite the typical struggles every couple faces in marriage.

“Anytime we had a disagreement I would go to my little sanctuary – a big, beautiful field I loved to sit in – up on top of our hill and talk to God.” Betty said. “(I would) tell Him the problem and ask him to help me solve it. By the time I got back to my house, I wasn’t so angry… I wasn’t about to let a dispute break up our marriage.”

Betty attributes her marriage’s success to God, advising others to always talk with Him when having issues.

She also said that taking their wedding vows very seriously all through their lives played a large part in their long-lasting relationship. “Through thick and thin, richer or poorer,” she said. In all seasons of life, support and love should be given to one’s partner.

Betty advises couples to continue to love and honor one another in every situation. Like Betty, couples are encouraged to resolve to let nothing come between them and their significant other.

Whether a couple is married or not, this advice is sound. This Valentine’s Day, hold your loved one tight, and remember to honor them in all seasons.