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Tyler County Commission Addresses Matters

By Staff | Jan 16, 2019

The first order of business covered at the Jan. 8 Tyler County Commission meeting was the approval of the minutes from the previous meeting. The motion to approve the minutes was quickly carried. Afterward, the commissioners present asked Tyler County Assessor Lisa Jackson to present exonerations; although, when prompted, Jackson explained she had nothing new to report. The fiduciary report was also presented and subsequently approved. Following this, the commissioners entered an executive session with Prosecuting Attorney Luke Furbee due to attorney-client privileges.

In other business, Commissioner John Stender reported that it was his opinion that the commission should postpone approval of the contract with MonPower for right-of-way at the County Home, so Prosecutor Furbee can further review the matter. A motion was made to table the discussion, which was quickly passed.

A discussion was also held on a Greenhouse Gases and Stream Restoration in Appalachia program. When this subject was initially brought up, the commissioners were unsure of what it entailed. After some discussion and research, they decided it was something they want to further research.

Stender also explained his idea for the County Home, which was inspired by the TV show “Salvage Dawgs,” in which everything is removed from the building and is reclaimed and resold. Stender noted it is his hope to remove the structure and replace it with a monument. After discussion it was decided that calls and inquiries would be made on the subject.

In the next order of business, it was explained to those present at the meeting that the auditor asked that all credit cards be converted to P-Cards. Commissioner Eric Vincent expressed that these cards can still act as credit cards, but with each purchase, there are funds returned.

The commissioners made a motion to table the discussion until all commissioners are present, as Commissioner Michael Smith was unable to make an appearance.

Stender then delivered a report on the Tyler County 4-H Camp. He said the workers had started constructing the walls in the new building, and the trusses and the roof would be completed by the end of the week.

He also reported that while working on the upstairs portion of the building, it was revealed that the building had been housing mice, birds, and wasp. Stender expressed that this is a health hazard and looks bad. He also explained that because bugs ate the insulation, it is necessary for workers to tear everything down and re-do it. The following process that would need to take place is to clean everything out, install insulation, and install new walls. The goal of this process is to create a space that is rentable year-round to bring in extra funds to the 4-H.

In other business, Vincent reported that WYK Associates, which is doing the masonry work in the courthouse, have yet to respond to him.

A motion was then made to appoint Eric Vincent president of the 2019 Tyler County Commission, and John Stender was appointed vice president. This motion was subsequently carried. A motion was also made to appoint county commission committees for 2019, and this motion was approved. The commissioners noted adjustments might need to be made at a later date, but elected to adopt the current list.

The director of the Tyler County Office of Emergency Management, Tom Cooper, was to present an award letter for the 2018 EMPG SAR Grant; however, Cooper reported that he had yet to receive the letter. As a result, approval for the letter was tabled until the next meeting.

The Sistersville Fire Department EMS’ interin director, Mary Huff, was also in attendance and brought an update on the VFD’s emergency squad. Huff explained the EMS is still in operation but experiencing a change of command, and several different options are being considered, in regards to better patient care. It was also reported that the hospital is looking to take control of the EMS division, pending approval. It was explained that this option will create savings for the fire department.

Afterwards, approval was required for Sheriff Brian Weigle to purchase a fingerprint machine. Weigle explained the department’s current machine is roughly 11 years old and a replacement is needed. The sheriff was given a bid on the machine that would include all accessories and shipping, which totaled to $10,191.25. A vote was taken, and the motion was carried.

While receiving public comments, one person in attendance expressed her concerns about the roads in Tyler County. She described them as “deplorable and unsafe” and said she worries for school buses. She inquired if there was anything the commission could do to rectify the situation, to which they responded with a promise to make some calls.

Revisions for budgets were then discussed. There was one, an in-house, under the Sheriff’s Department, and another for the Office of Emergency Management – regarding flood plain permits and donations. Both of these were voted on, and the motion to approve was carried. A motion to approve the bills was also carried.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:38 a.m., and the commission will convene again on Tuesday, Jan. 22 at 9 a.m.