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Conaway Lake Construction Completion Date Changed

By Staff | Jan 9, 2019

The gravel drive to Conaway Lake is blocked off due to ongoing construction. (Photos by Ed Parsons)

The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources has agreed to a winter shutdown of the Conaway Run Lake project, and the proposed completion date for construction is now May 31, 2019. This information was provided by Samantha Smith, Director of Marketing and Communications at the West Virginia Department of Commerce.

Furthermore, according to a June 10 press release issued by the WVNDR, trout stocking at Conaway Run Lake has been suspended until repair work to the dam is completed.

“The dam at Conaway Run Lake has been stabilized to ensure safety, proper function and structural integrity, but the boat ramp, parking lot and access road to the dam have been closed to ensure the safety of anglers and the public,” states the news release.

The lake was closed to boating traffic in early June 2018 and was expected to be reopened sometime in Fall 2018. A June 14, 2018 news release on the WVDNR’s website states that the “Conaway Run Lake in Tyler County is undergoing repairs from June 11 through Oct. 31, 2018.”

However, according to the WVDNR weekly fishing report for Jan. 3, “The lake was originally scheduled to be reopened to boating traffic by the end of November.”

A sign is posted at the Conaway Lake Run Wildlife Management Area, noting the closure of the lake to boats. (Photos by Ed Parsons)

According to the fishing report, “the project is behind schedule due to unexpected adverse weather conditions that occurred throughout most of the summer.”

According to Smith, the winter shutdown of the project was requested by the contractor, and the DNR and its consultant engineer “agreed that a winter shutdown is the best course of action to take in order to provide an optimal project outcome.”

Smith said the contractor “is working to place rip rap, seed disturbed areas, and complete a checklist of other items necessary to secure the site for the winter. The lake level is approximately 1.0 foot below normal pool and will remain near or below this level throughout the winter. “

Smith said the fisherman’s trail will remain closed for public use and “will require additional work for stabilization.” She said work is planned to resume when dry weather and ground conditions permit in the spring.