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Middlebourne Under Water Boil Order

By Staff | Jan 4, 2019

3:40 p.m., Jan. 8 — According to a social media post by the Town of Middlebourne, the boil order has now been lifted.

7:49 p.m., Jan. 4 — The waterline is fixed. According to town officials, “The water department is working around the clock to pump water. This will be a slow process as the water storage tank fills.”

There is a boil order in effect until further notice.

Jan. 4, 4:38 p.m. —

Just a few moments ago, the Town of Middlebourne shared a photo on its official Facebook page and stated, “The company that hit the water main line is currently working to repair it.”

Town officials apologized for any inconvenience and reiterated that a boil order would be in effect after water service is restored.

Jan. 4, 2:56 p.m. —

According to officials at Middlebourne’s city building, there is no time estimate for when the affected waterline will be repaired, due to it being the responsibility of the contractor for repairs.

However, it was noted there would be a boil water order after repairs are made.

According to Middlebourne city officials, the town’s service area is currently without water. A statement on the town’s official social media page states that a company working to install a waterline for Tyler Public Service District “has hit the Middlebourne water department’s main line.”

The statement further reads that the waterline was “marked.”

“Therefore the company and Tyler PSD is responsible for repairing the line.”

The Tyler Star News will update this story as information is made available.