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Veterans Celebrated With Christmas Tree

By Staff | Dec 19, 2018

Middlebourne's Veterans Tree, lit up at night.

The Town of Middlebourne had its gazebo tastefully decorated for Christmas this year, complete with a beautiful tree, icicle lights, garland, and bows. All of this is because of Auxiliary Unit 48.

Last year during a meeting, Unit President Cathy Post expressed her desire to dedicate a Christmas tree to all veterans. Post said it was her passion, to do anything she could for veterans, that originally spurred the idea into action. After her motion to acquire a tree and carry out this decision passed, the plan was put into place. Post and her fellow Auxiliary members started with inquiring about use of the gazebo for the tree, and their request was granted. Then, Post reported that a six foot tree was donated to them.

With a tree and a location procured, the next step was to decorate it — a process which was begun by Post and a small group of people. The idea was to have bulbs — each with the name of a veteran, the branch they served in, and the years of service. These bulbs would be wired onto the tree in celebration or memory of the honored veterans. The group started off with veterans directly related to them and those who had passed and had no remaining family. Then, after reaching out on social media, they invited people to do the same for their loved ones who had served, or were actively serving. There was an overwhelmingly positive response as people and families began decorating with their own personalized bulbs.

The tradition was carried over into another year due to the previous success. This year, a ten foot tree was given — with anticipation of a greater response. The tree now stands in the gazebo, complete with beautiful decorations.

Because it is her hope to expand the tree every year and to make it greater, Post invites all families who have a loved one who served –deceased or living, or who are actively serving, to be a part of this. Simply bring your own bulb — preferably one with a patriotic color — with the name of the person who served, the branch, and the years served, and wire it to the tree so it won’t get blown away. Even if they are not a resident of this county, they are still welcome to be honored on the tree.

“If they served, they deserve to be on this tree.” Post says.

She also added that anyone interested in joining Post 48 can contact Roger Post, Adjutant for Post 48, and any lady directly related to a veteran interested in joining Auxiliary Unit 48 can contact her. Both Cathy and Roger Post can be reached at 304-758-5114.