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Tyler Sheriff’s Office Appreciates New Facility

By Staff | Dec 19, 2018

Photos by Ed Parsons The new location of the Tyler County Sheriff’s Office offers several benefits to the department.

When the Tyler County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) began to get cramped, the office’s officials knew it was time for a move. Having reportedly outgrown their facility, they began a search for a new base of operations. With 10 officers all working full time, the office was in need of an area large enough to house staff.

Due to the generosity of the county commission, the sheriff’s office was able to move locations in late summer of 2017. This new facility, once a soil conservation office, offers more with better parking, a more secure area to hold evidence, an interview room, ample space, and a more personable atmosphere. This building is visible and more open to the public than the previous dwelling, allowing community members to have a chance to better interact with the county’s officers. And because of the new facility’s size, privacy is readily available to officers when needed. Sheriff Brian Weigle reported that little renovation was needed to make the move, with only a few minor adjustments to the building required.

TCSO officials stated that the facility is well-equipped, and they have all that they need. They have male and female bathrooms – a feature they previously lacked, and showers are available to officers at all times. Sheriff Weigle also described the department’s vehicles as top-of-the-line and in good shape. These matters assist in creating a better work environment for the officers and help them to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.

In conjunction with this, support from the Tyler County Commission, the Tyler County Office of Emergency Management, and surrounding offices help to make the team at TCSO operate smoothly. Sheriff Weigle said the relationship with these entities and the people running them is great, and that they are always open to assist if needed. Emergency Manager Tom Cooper is reported to go above and beyond in aiding the sheriff’s office, getting them all that they need.

With a great facility, ample equipment, and continued support from the community, the Tyler County Sheriff’s Office is able to carry out its goal of keeping Tyler County safe. Leading this team is Sheriff Weigle, who expressed that his time as a sheriff has been an eye-opening experience. Because of his love for the community, he asks that all Tyler County residents make an effort to secure their property by locking their vehicles and homes when being left unattended. Weigle also advises that valuable items be properly stored, and that the serial numbers for any item be recorded. He said that having this information, in the event that something is stolen, could make a big difference.

Tyler County Sheriff’s Deputy Mitch Corley shows the sheriff’s office fingerprinting machine.

Because the county employees work as a united force, in an effort to better the community, it is this writer’s opinion that residents can trust that they’ll safe under the diligent service of the Tyler County Sheriff’s Office.